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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to the introduction of the Covet 1019 course.
Well, hello. My name is Alejandro. Gonna I have more than 15 years of experience in the cyber security field.
Been testing cryptography and risk assessment have been, You know,
the tree main topics have been working out during those 15 years.
I have a couple of certifications like the CSS B and enhancement called Ice Up.
I have the recipe a really, really hard certification to get on. This is about contesting. Actually, if you're interested in that certification, the S e p. A. Man. There's a court's in cyber it, which I created. I hope you enjoy it. You can actually see it.
I have Caesar, which is for our written. I have risk for risk management. Lifecycle a carpet. Obviously I have idle and I have ch certify ethical hacking.
Ah, this last one is supposed to be about 10 Festen. But, you know, I found to be an easy one compared to the recipe.
Ah, what I like to do in my free time. I like to play soccer. Um well, I have to suffer a lot of injuries. Thio already. Now that I have to all the play during the weekends. I used to play like, four times a week. But, you know, after one injury,
all the injuries came along. I mean, I have, like, four different injuries in both of the legs.
I have a ninja Riemann shoulder just to tell to just give you an example s Oh, yeah, I understood that. I only was able to play during the weekends, but that's it. However, I like to go to the gym as well, so I tried to save active during the week
Ah, so yeah, I wake up really early in the morning so I can actually go to the gym before work. I unfortunately, there's a gym in the building. I work, so yeah, it's kind of easy for me.
I like to play beat again.
You know, whatever soccer get bigger games, I guess. But, you know, whatever Rita game that is good enough to play it, I like to play it, especially some be video games like last fast or days gone, for example, on a love. So I always like to read a lot. Actually, there's some
comedy for for service here, not in my business and my enterprise on and we read one book per month. And the book is too, you know, So you can be the better vibration of yourself. We read, like, for example, the art of war we read. Ah,
thanks for being a couple of books that I will highly recommend you to read,
but I always like to read some B horror stories, you know, lost coming mantises cold. One book is from and, you know, it's actually look for some visitors. Five books of it. I believe so. Yeah. I like to read a lot.
You can contact me on linked in to talk about any topic you like. I mean, this case were we're about to see the carpet course, but you can come to me and talk to me about whatever topic you like. It could be better games. Believe me, you can add me to that, too, to my
online user,
for their peers, for, um, you know? Yeah, you're going to meet through linking. I'm planning to retake my Twitter account, but I don't know why I haven't been too active and twitter like for a couple of years, so yeah, but I'm trying to reactivate my Twitter account.
And if you want to contact me there,
I promise you, I'll respond in the couple of the next couple of weeks again, I'm trying to reactivate it. My name or my user name is our hands were gonna, you know, all, uh,
our case is no spaces. Yeah, a simple Is that my, Actually, my last name is kind of weird here for the region. I'm you know, not many people use that. No. Has that last name? So that's why I find easy to to actually find easier names,
platforms? Like in this case reader.
Just my name. That's it.
The parade suicides is to, you know, have knowledge or denial. Gyms have prior taking this course in order to be successful. Some mighty background, some business background, I once a business. I mean,
if you have performed a return of best man, for example, of cost benefit analyses, whatever business background you may have, it will help you here. I t backgrounds. Well and basic. I tr eating knowledge. Remember that Carly comes from the ardent body of knowledge
s Oh, yeah. Auditing a knowledge will be awesome.
The target audience will. Ah, this course is intended for, you know, cybersecurity Students looking to gain real world knowledge. Career professionals looking to make the jump into the IittIe governance work engineers looking to improve their understanding of governance management Risk assessment off i t.
Later is looking to better understanding many governance. Weren't rolls on how those roles feet into an organization, and I tr orders looking to sharpen their skills,
the course goals. You know, By the end of this course, students should be able to understand covered car model on its 40 governance and management operatives. Implement a platform for establishing your governance program,
understand process and business materially measurements as well s capability measurements, as you know in the past couple of years are you know, in the past couple of your spending, the past, materially and capability were used interchangeably. But know this time college towns and 90 makes makes a clear difference
between material levels and cape really levels.
Understand the information technology and business governance on management concepts and implement controls and solutions to close the gap between business goals and I t calls
supplementary materials. You will see this a lot in the course. I mean, I didn't want to put any other materials for for you know, this course, because at the end, you whether you're planning team, win the carpet certification, Whatever. Whatever. Certification of car Vic, you know, basics implementation are getting
whatever justification your client
past thes four publications are to go to. There's more information off this. I mean, besides these four publications in eye sockets website. So I encouraged you to go there and, you know, become a member if having done so, um and you know, you'll get discounts on this on this publications and many other materials
that icicle will release
in the future. So yeah,
this is the supplementary materials. All that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the course. I hope to see you through the entire course. If you have any comments, Bilis feel feel free to let let me now on again. Linking or Twitter. Did you like the course? You didn't like the course? What you didn't like about the course?
Please let me know.
I'm always looking to improve. Uh, you know, I said professor, a teacher, So please let me know. And if you like it please. Also let me know I actually enjoy. And I'm really glad getting messages on Lincoln saying that you love the course. I actually have received a couple for the security course,
but yeah, you can let me know about these. Are you know, again? I also have a non CP course of celebrity. So
whatever your common, it's police. Let me know. I will. Highly appreciate so hope to see in the time. Of course, on I hope you enjoy it and, you know, talk to you soon.
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This COBIT 2019 training course will prepare students to successfully attain the COBIT 2019 certification. Students will learn to implement governance and management concepts within organizations to help minimize the gap between business and IT.

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