COBIT as an IT Governance Framework

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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to Lesson 2.2 carpet as a 90 governance framework.
My name is Alejandro Gonna and I'll be your instructor for today's session.
Learning operatives of the session is to understand what's the difference between governments and management. Understand why it is important, separate, oh Vernon's from management and clarify several myths and misconceptions about carpet.
So over the years, best practices frameworks have been developed and promoted to assist in the process off off understanding, designing and implementing. And Egypt
covet bills on an integrates more than 25 years of development experience in this field, not only incorporating new insights, bro, but also translating this insides to practices
from its foundation in i T. Our community Covered has developed into a bigger and more comprehensive I T governance and management framework and continues to establish itself as a generally accepted framework from I t. Governance.
Before we continue with any other subject, it is important to explain what covet is it is not
covet is a framework for the governance and management off enterprise i t. And the price I t means all the technology and information processing off the enterprise puts in place and achieves to achieve its goals,
regardless of where this happens in the enterprise. In other words, and the press is not limited to the I t department itself or off the organization. But it also, you know it alls included. Off course,
the covered friend Bert May makes a cleared extension between governance and management. This two concepts involves different activities. Require different organizational structures on serve different purposes.
Governance ensures that the stakeholders needs no needs. Conditions and options are evaluated and deter mined balance agreed on enterprise operatives.
Direction is said through prioritization on decision making. Performance and compliance are monitored against a great on direction at our objectives.
In most business over governance is that responsibility of the board of directors or the sea level executives like the CEO. For example,
specific governance responsibilities might be delegate delegated to a special organization structures on una prepared level, particularly in larger complex enterprises.
Management On the other side plants, bills, runs on monitors activities in aligned with the direction, said by governments, entity to achieve the business, our creatives,
it must business nowadays. Management is the responsibility of the executive management under the leadership of the CEO
carve. It defines the components and bills and sustained government system
processes, organization instructors, policies and procedures, information flows, culture and behavior, skills and infrastructure.
Several myths and misconceptions. Misconceptions about carpet need to be clarified. Let me try to do so.
In this case, the first myth that the wind to clarify is that cover. It is not a full description off the whole I T environment often enter price
covered. The second month we can we need to discuss right now is that cover. It is not a framework to organize business processes.
The third man
is that covet is not technical framework. The manage all technology
finally covered does not make or prescribe a night any i t related decision. It will not decide what's the best strategy here. What the best strategy is for i t what the best architecture is or how much taken can or she'll cost writer
carve. It defines all the components that described which decisions should be taken
and how, or by whom they should be taken.
So, uh, you know, have it isn't our prescription you can just follow, like like a wish list or something like that.
Um, is something that we need to you need to define based on the car on the business context the stakeholder needs. And you have to build from that point to actually deliver value from the i t. Implementation off i t. Solutions. So that's that
mentioned one thing that governance provides well. Governance ensures that, for example, stakeholders needs condition and options are evaluated. And let your mind, you know, a balance or a Greek own enterprise operatives. For example, if that you know the stakeholder needs are too, you know,
game or morning, or gain more
market shirt or no other needs you need governance ensures that those years those needs are evaluated. And you know you can set goals from that point. Forward
mentioned one management activity,
for example, planning building monitoring. Basically, just ensuring that whatever goal was said by governments is actually worked up, worked on. And it's actually achieving the goals that were established again by governance
in today's video. With this cause, what's the difference between governance and management and why it is important to separate this activities? Well, that's it for today, folks, I hope in your day video and talk to you soon
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