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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to listen to 0.4 coveted dancing 19 sister principles. My name is Alejandro Gonna and I'll be your instructor for today's session.
The learning Our objectives of the session is to identify on understand carpets to set of principles
and identify Understand Cottage six principles for governance for a governance system
common passing 19 was developed based on two sets of principles principles that described the core requirements off a world government system for enterprise, information and technology. All this goes this principles during these lesson
in principle for a governance framework that can be used to build a governance system for the enterprise. Butch will be discussing that in the next lesson.
So the six principles for a government system,
um, you know, the 1st 1 will be each enterprise
needs a government system to satisfy a stakeholder needs and to generate value from these off I T
values reflects a balance amongst benefits risk on research, as we saw in the previous lessons. It also considers business needs and also a strategy and government system to realize this to create valley.
The 2nd 1 will be that the governance system for the enterprise it is built from a number of components that can be off different types and work to king actually work together in the holistic way.
The third death, sir
governing principle is thio the system. She'll be dynamic.
This means that each time one or more off the design factors are changed. For example, a change in the strategy or technology. The impact of these changes on the Egypt system must be considered
a didn't I? A dynamic view off the agent will leach upward a Bible and sustainable each system.
The 4th 1 is that the government system should should clearly clearly distinguish between governance and management activities on instructors. The 5th 1 is that a government system should be tailored to the enterprices needs. You seen a set of design factors?
Us, but hammers or customized
prop prioritized the governance system components.
And the sixth you know, the final one will be that the government system should cover the enterprise in an anti and fashion, focusing only on I t function, but all technology and information processing the enterprise it puts in place to achieve its goals regardless off where the processing is located.
In the end price
in, you know, a really simple summary. And to put it in simple works, the six government system principles are the 1st 1 to provide a stakeholder Bali.
It's just this just mean that whatever that that the stakeholder needs are
we need to given, you know, achieve those goals. Like, for example, again getting more money, gain more mark market shirt, maybe changed the way the customers see the brand, for example, or increase the trust that customer has on the brand itself. Whatever the goal is,
we must provide
Bali to the stakeholder.
The 2nd 1 is the holistic approach. We need to cover the entire business. We can have, you know, just focus on a specific area or, you know, leave aside one need or one value. I'm sorry. Gonna need or one goal.
Uh, focus on the other one. We need to cover that in a holistic way.
The 3rd 1 is dynamic governance system.
It means that whatever change comes your way, you know a change in technology whether that change was planned or unplanned. Like, for example, if we decide to change, a fire will were signed to change. I know an answer by reserve work.
Or maybe the technology decided to change itself. Like, for example,
when you know, machine learning came into place. Um,
you know,
all fashion anti buyers became to die because, you know, we do have these new ers and everything, so yeah, whatever change comes our way or even if we're going to change the roll off the business, like, for example, if we're we are in retail.
But you know, we're changing to e commerce, for example,
or whatever that is. We can't we can actually do that to to, you know, we need to be prepared for those changes, that that's the point here.
The other one is that before one is the governance was be separated from management. We discussed that in previous lessons. The reason why is because we cannot have the same guy taking the decision or making the decisions waken up.
We can't have the same guy or the same
board of directors taking the decisions and actually implementing them
when just have separate governance from management in the way that governance sets the direction of the off the goals or the direction that we need to follow and management measures that that that you know the processes and procedures happens to achieve those goals.
And the 5th 1 is that Taylor to enterprise needs again. This is just finding some kind of a self coterie of the financial business context. We need to know what the needs are for the business or the enterprise, and we need to tailor those needs are again. Even if we compared to different
e commerce, for example,
uh, business, they will not have the same. It's maybe one is more focusing our, you know, sale, sale, selling cheap stuff, or something like that. And the other one is focusing our selling high end stuff. I don't know how in technology or whatever, So yeah, even if they're in the same business
category, that it doesn't mean that you know they will have the same needs or the same bolts.
And finally, ah, implement an anti in governance system on into in governance approach, meaning that we need to cover entire business or the type and to price
where the two sets of covered principles again with this because of one in this lesson, and we'll discuss the other one in the next lesson. Basically is government system principles and governance framework. Principles.
What's the fourth governance system principal? Remember? I just talk about this governance. We separate governance from management
in today's video with this cried convicts Six principles for dumb for a governance system again. And the next media will cover the principal for the governance framework.
So are supplementary materials. Again, you can see the same publications I sat guys to go to when it comes to covet. So nothing has changed here.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the video and talk to you soon.
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