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Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen Find for three
Covet 1019 Implementation Brought up.
My name is 100 Gina and I'll begin structure for today's lesson.
Learning Operatives is to identify and understand each of the seven faces that constitute the governor implementation approach and identified an understand cover. Its implementation brought math.
So we have the seven faces, which are seven different questions. As you can see, what are the drivers? Where are we now? How do we want to be? What needs to be done? How do we get there We get there and how to keep you know that moment I'm going have to keep that They
improvement going. So let me.
I tried to explain each of these faces because it's so much information include on each of these faces. But let me give it a shot in face one. You know, it answered the questions where the drivers in Phase one Lee of Implementation approach identifies the corn and change drivers and creates an executive management levels
I desired to change.
You know what it's driving again. Executive management order all the stakeholders to change. I mean, are they planning to explained in the in the day
business are planted. Spy the business to another country to another. Maybe brands. Are they planning to create new products? Are the planning that delay one more morning? Well,
that's obvious.
Um, a change driver is an internal or external event, condition or key issue that serves ah, 60 Melis for change. You know, events, trancelike industry market or technical performance shortfalls, subway implementation and even gold off the end
price cannot has changed drivers,
for example, is not necessarily to actually growth, but also maybe a changing technology is pushing us true. A change like, for example, again, the digitalization we're living in. Uh, how come for simple Airbnb that doesn't have any
room or any hotel around the world is worth that much money?
Ah, about uber on everything you know, everything is going to the service approach. I mean, you're not buying products itself, O r. Maybe you do, but they're not as expensive as they used to be. For example, the new iPhone 11 just mentioned something there in the cheapest model
there, including the same
the same capabilities, the same processor, because they actually want you to do they actually want to sell you the service is there they're trying to do like, uh, I was called. But I think this apple to be or Apple plus O r something and that you will have a subscription kind of, you know, some type of Netflix, for example.
Um yeah, where the drivers It could be again to gain more money to expand, to create new products. But to also be
technology that is pushing us through a change
risk associated with implementation of the program itself. It described in the business case because you off course have to create a business case. If you want a change to happen, you know, And you described the risk in the big desk h on managed to the life cycle.
Preparing, maintaining and monitoring a business case are fundamental
important disciplines for justifying supporting on, then insurance, successful outcomes off the initiative you're you're presenting or, you know, the secular management is presented, including improvement off the governance system. They ensure that continues, the business case ensured that continues focus
on the benefits of the program on their realization.
Then we moved to face number two, which is basically where are we now? Face number two Lang's I T related operatives with enterprise strategies and risk on prioritizes the most important enterprise goals, alignment, goals and processes. The Coffee 2000 and Tedy Sine Die
publication provides several design factors to help you
with this election. We saw that this ad design factors in previous lessons as well.
Based on the selected enterprise on I T related goals and other design factors, the enterprise must identify critical governance and management operatives on underlying processes that are off sufficient capability that you know that this process have the sufficient capability to ensure successful outcomes.
Management needs to know its current capability and what deficits is
This can be achieved by a process capability assessment. You know, see him in my were facilities in produced videos. I don't want to emphasize and go that and go dive into that because you can go back into business and check them out. But yeah, this answer the questions. Where are we now?
What capability maybe were incapability level two for the for the specific process that we're really identified, that this process
is needed so we can actually achieve the goals or, you know, the drivers for the stakeholders that the stakeholders providers to to to to us so
again see him. I can help us with that. And maybe we identified
in the next questions. If we actually want to be, where do we want to be? Which is Question number three in this face sets a target for improvement, followed by a Gap analysis to identify potential solutions. Again.
Maybe we scored Level two in the process that we already identified is key for achieving the business calls,
and we want to take that process to Level five ofs capability. For example.
Some solution will be quick winds and other more challenging off course. Lord, you know, long term task
priority should be given to protect Starr. Are easier to achieve the likely to give the greatest benefits longer term tax should be broken down into management. Manageable pieces.
Face number four What needs to be done. You know what needs to be done to get where we want to be. Right Face Number four describes how to plan physical and practical solutions by defining projects supported just by justifiable business cases
on it changed plan for implementation.
Ah, well developed business case can help ensure that the price expand If it's our identified on continually, monitor
face number five. How do we get there?
Ah, face number five device for you know provides for implementing
the proposed solution Be a day to day practices and establishing measurable measures. Are monitoring systems to ensure that business a lineman is achieved on performance can't be measured. Success requires engagement awareness and communication. Understanding on commitment off top management
on ownership by the affected business and I t processes owners.
So how do we get there basically just following the business case, which you know needs to be, uh,
show how this process will we help? Ah, business school. And if we already have that, I mean, you already have a business case that show us how this process will help the chip business go. We just need to be to have I, um
the CEOs and top level management
onboard and you know, the ownership. The ownership must be assigned to the main stakeholders. In this case, for example, I t.
They will get their face. Number six focuses on sustainable transition off the improved governance and management breakfast into normal business operations. Basically, whatever we implemented, again because technology pushed pushed us true through that path.
Or maybe because executive management decided to go
that way, we need to ensure that whatever change we're going to implement becomes part of a day to day activities.
Yeah, for the thief's face for *** in monitoring achievement, off the improvements, using the performance metrics and expected benefits that leaking again passed another art it here for with the *** my model and see if we actually get for two from level to ah, what
you know which we assess it
in face number two, where we know and you know
face number six. Can we use? We can use another. See my savior, my Arctic to see. We actually get to the level we want to be
face number seven. The last one. How do we keep the momentum going? Face number seven. Reduce the overall success off. The initiative identifies further governance and management required requirements on reinforces the need for continual improvement. It also prioritize
prioritized for their opportunities to improve the government system
program and project management is based on good practices and provides for checkpoints to each of the seven faces to ensure that the programs performance isn't truck the business case and risk our updated on planning for the next phase is a you know, a just us A prepared
It's assumed that the enterprise is stunned. Her approach will be followed. So this this basically this face, what it helps us is to see we need to improve something to go to the entire seven faces again. Or if we're going to, you know, kept this change again as a day to day basis, and we're not
dropping the ball
at any point.
What face answered the questions. What are we now? We have seven questions, remember? And where are we now? It is answered by the face. Uh, number one is where the driver's number two is. Where are we now? Which is You know, the questions. Face number two. Just, uh
What face answered the questions that we get there.
Face number. Tree is where do we want to be?
First place number four. What needs to be done? Face number five is How do we get there? Face number seven is dig together, which is the question.
Um, and face number seven is how do we kill the moment don't go in
in today's video with discussed, covets implementation, good map on the seven faces that continues that constitute the carving implementation approach
again. Their circus publication not in dimension. Q.
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you get video and talk to you soon.
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