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Hello, everybody. Welcome to Lesson three point Tree covered 1019 Design concepts. My name's 100 Gina and our big instructor for this session.
The Learning Operatives is basically to identify and understand covet design factors.
So let's get down to business, shall we? Design factors are a factor that can influence on the sign off on enterprise governance system on position. Now position it for success off the use of the I T department.
The potential impact that design factors can have on the governance system are detailed, you know, in the car B 2019 design guide,
the same factors include any combination of following
you know. First, we have I Enterprises Strategy Enterprises can have different strategies, which can be expressed in many ways. For example, growth on Al Cassation. The price has focused on growing and the revenues, for example,
innovation on differentiation, the enterprise is focused on offering different our you know, our new products and service is to their clients or the customers cost leadership like, for example, on a astrology that enterprise might be using is to lower the cost to the maximum
on claims, service and stability. Some enterprises are focusing our you know, instead of pricing or being the cheapest option, they're focusing our, you know, delivering service is so the clients could be happy.
So, um, the 2nd 1 is enterprise goals supporting the Enterprise Strategy
Enterprises. Underpriced Artie is realized by the achievement, a set of business goals. So these goals are defined in the covered framework and then are divided into four main groups. Financial customer in Journal on Growth.
Then we have the risk profile risk profile of the enterprise. According issues on the relation to i t. The risk profile identifies I'd be related risk to which the enterprise is currently exposed and indicates which areas of risk are exceeding the risk appetite.
Like, for example, if you identify the impact
something might have on your assets, and then you are says the probability of that actually happening, you can have a new idea of the risk. And, you know, maybe you're CEO can tell you the risk appetite. Appetite is I know
a number in. After your calculations, you see that that number is being exceeded by the risk that the current risk you have you may want to apply confirmations to reduce the risk
before I related issues.
I related methods for ANINETY risk assessment for the enterprise is to consider which I t related issue is currently facing are, in other words, what I t related risk has materialized or, you know, we're just what? What I t risk We're facing
threat landscape. You know, the threat landscape under which the enterprise operates, like for example, Ah, it is not the same. The hacker that will be targeting bank will not be the same that the hacker will be targeting maybe a telecommunication business, for example,
compliance requirements the compliance requirements to which the enterprise is subject to like, for example, of you handle credit cards You will be, you know
they're requires will be to comply with P. C. I, for example, are supposed to if you are in the medical the business like, for example, the host hospital, you will be required to complain with paper. For example,
roll off the eye thine the role of the i t. For that enterprise like, for example, a support. For example, when I TIF fails,
maybe you can outsource the i t roll, maybe turn around. For example, I'd seen as a driver for innovating business processes and service is like, for example,
maybe the role of the i t the strategic. Like, for example, I t
I can actually sit with the CEO this year foe, for example, and maybe take decisions on whether to jump into a new business line or something like that because I teke knows technology and allows how technology can actually help the chief
the stakeholders needs at which, you know, eventually will be can't become,
Then we have sourcing model for I t. You know, outsourcing cloud insourced are, you know, maybe hybrid.
most common might be cloud or outsourcing, you know. But, you know, you could be You have whatever model do you have It will play an important role on defining, you know, on getting to know that the sign factor for for duty implement carpet
a'ight implementation methods that the methods for the enterprise adopts like for example, agile have ups traditional hybrid scrum, for example. Whatever met to do do up to you are implementing in your business it also place on important role
when defining the deciding factors were carted
match the technology and adoption is to start a strategy.
For example. Ah, do you want to be the first in the market using any specific technology? Like, for example, my boss and I always go to the Eros eight event or conference that takes place in San Francisco, and we see a lot of new technology. New
new publications need products like, for example, in this year 2019 we saw that the main topic was machine learning, you know, track intelligence and everything. Uh, and you know,
some business might my up to implement that right away, right? Whenever the first brother comes out, maybe your your business is actually kind of the first mover, you know, which will be apply, whatever needs and all that he comes into place,
you could be a follower are. Maybe you can be as low a doctor.
For example. Yeah, let's let's see what happens with the first guys that will buy the product and well implemented the new technology. And if they know it's a success for them, maybe we can give it a shot. But you know, not the first time
on Finally, the enterprise eyes, you know, large, medium or small this is kind of drink, because what means large for up for country, for example, for us here, which were I live in a small country. Ah, a large enterprise might not be a large enterprise in the U. S
or u K. Or Russia or whatever
the country you can't think off. So, yeah, defining a large medium or small contact enterprise. It all depends on the context again, as you can see with we say the word context a lot because, you know, even if your business you have a lot of competitors in your business line,
it doesn't mean that exact same implementation technique will work
for you and your aim for your peers
mentioned the second design factor and provide a a brief description off it. Remember that we saw we say that the enterprise goals, you know, supporting the enterprise strategy could be financial. Could be cut *** on the customer to be internal. Could could be
growth decision like we're going to expand
to this new market or we're going to buy this new technology to actually growth or mike or market shirt
mentioned. One of the possible rolls off I t in the organisation for Could be like, for example, of strategic. We mentioned that, like I, it is critical for both running and innovating. The organization, business processes and service is so I t is included in the sea level executives, huh?
They can take you know you can help to, to make decisions
or whether to invest in something or not
in today's media. With this calls all the design factor for carpet
again, supplementary materials the same. It's always nothing throughout here, So
that's it for today, folks. Thank you for watching and help to see soon.
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