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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to Lesson 3.2. Copy 2018 quarter model.
My name is Leo Hendrie Gina, and I'll be your instructor for today's lesson.
The learning our motives of these beauties to identify an understanding concepts behind or relating to governance on management objectives.
Identify and understand the four domains of management operatives and identify on understanding the mains off governance operatives.
So, for information and technology to contribute to enterprise goals, a number of government, the governance and management operatives should be achieved.
Basic concepts relating to governance and monitoring operatives are, for example, a governance are management operatives. All were always relates to one process and a serious off related components off other types to help achieve the operative.
A governance oddity relates to governance process while a management obviously relates to a management process.
Boards and executive MASH men are typically accountable for governance processes.
Well, management are you know, I t management processes are the main off senior and middle management.
The governance and management operatives in coverage are grouped into five domains. The remains are expressed in T purpose and areas of activity off the objective contained in them like for example, governance operatives are grouped into the evaluate direct and monitor,
also known as
E g m domain. In this domain the governing body ever evaluates started a strategic options directory Senior management
on the Children s strategy. And you know, it provides op just options to monitor on achieved strategy which is you can see at the top of the square the GM zero line mediums you are to it. The observatory was your boring 05 Those are that that the government operative the group
for the governance argue tips
now for the management operatives are grouped into four different mains. Ah, allying plan on organized or a
AP Oh, you know, a poser wannabe ls your Do you You can see the names in the screen. These are the main addresses, the over organization strategy as important activities for i t.
Then we have built acquired an implement or B a i B. I's the one you know, up to up to 11. Um, and bill acquire an implant, explains the definition off position on implementation off I t solution. Under integration to business processes,
we have the lever service and support, or D s. S and the main explains the operational delivery on support off I T service is including security.
And finally we have, monitor, evaluate and assess M e A. And these main explains performance monitoring and conformance off i t. We didn't, uh, internal performance targets internal controls, operatives or external requirements.
So this is the core model for for carpet on. You can see that it contains a lot of process, a lot of components, but they're clearly divided into again. Governance and management
mentioned one of the miners, many operatives, the mains, and provide a brief description off it.
Ah, the management. Remember, we have we said, we said that their group into Ford remains a lying plan on organized, which is a P O. And you know, average is the overall organization strategy. That's important activities for I. D. For example,
in what the main are the governance oddities included in the evaluate direct and monitor. Remember, this is the domain that is a top of the covered corps model. Ah, and you know, this is the domain where we're governing body, evaluates strategic options,
directs senior management
on the chosen strategy and, you know, basically monitors achievement off that strategy.
In today's video, we saw the four domains of governance operatives under the main of government operatives
Supplementary materials again. Um, I can only referred you guys to the ice, aka publications, which is basically where the zone all this material is included. And, you know, if you if you actually, um,
great and followed these four guides, you will basically get to know how to implement carpet in your in your business, and you'll definitely pass the certification. Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoy the BDO and talk to you soon.
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This COBIT 2019 training course will prepare students to successfully attain the COBIT 2019 certification. Students will learn to implement governance and management concepts within organizations to help minimize the gap between business and IT.

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