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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen. Find 0.2. Copy 2019 Components. My name is Alejandro Gonna and I'll be your instructor for today's list.
The learning archetypes of this video is to identify and understand each of the covered components goals in operatives.
So, uh, really explained covet includes 40 governance and management operatives organized into five demands, which is governance.
Evaluate, directing, monitor on dhe. Then that's the only demand for governance. And then we have management domains, which, which would have Ford Aah!
Allying plan are organized. Is one bill acquire an implement is the 2nd 1
Deliver service and support is the 3rd 1 and Final One is monster. Evaluate and assess all them under the management domains. So the high level information detail Fridge operative includes the main aim focus area. In this case, in the case of the publication of covet
eyes colored car model
governance off our management operative description Purpose on and you know the statement of purpose up there up there,
uh, operative.
So then we have the gold's cascade.
In this case, each government, our management operative, supports the achievement of Lyman. Goals that are that are related to larger enterprise. Colts Dimension a couple of a legman goal, for example,
a lineman Goal number one i t. Complaints and support for business compliance with external laws and regulations. I know Ah Lyman Gold number nine. Deliver program programs on time on budget and meeting requirements and on quality standers.
A Lyman Goal Number 10 quality of my team management information.
A Lyman number and off forthe quality off the knowledge he related to financial information. So again, as you can see each governance or reach climbing gold support on enterprise cool like, for example, if we're going to set that the enterprise goal to increase,
ah, the number of clients we have, Um,
for example, I take of plants and support for business complaints with external laws and regulations, which sliming old number one could be of help if we're blending to move. I don't know. Maybe we have business here in America, but we're planning to move to Europe, so we have to be complaining with J D. P r for itself So
alarming. Gore
Goal number one Uncle help us with that.
For a detailed list, you can check the section 4.6 off the introduction man and methodology Carpet framework.
The publication off in traditional makes adult you
enterprise goals that I have the primary link to the alignment goals are including Chapter four again Up the Introduction, Right Total Methodology Publication.
Just mention a couple of enterprises goals, you know, incredible number one portfolio of competitive products of surfaces will really sell that this In previous lessons, Enterprise will number seven for simple quality of management information enterprise, world number 10 staff skills, motivation and productivity.
The reason I'm not
mentioning all of them because they're several several several
enterprise goals, a swell as governance and Mannesmann goals. So the point is for you two to go to check them out and have an idea of how they work or why are they are these goals are there? And how can this help you in your day to day O. R a. Bailey basis task
for your business.
So, uh, let's get into the covenant components, shall we? The cross the process, which is the first component its governing and management operative includes several process criterias. Which process has one more activities? It capability level, remember, was we will really talk about this capability is for
while maturity is for focus areas. Sofia
a capability level is assigned to all process activities, enabling clear the fish at definition of processing on different at a different capability. Levels ah process riches as 13 capability level. Assume missile activities that that that level are performed successfully.
This cause before comet supports a capability maturity model integration or CM I skim
rating from zero to fire.
The capability level is measured is a measure of how well the process is implemented. I'm performing
were relevant or political carpet has were relevant. Are applicable. Covet has references to other standards and guidance.
The detail reference are are you know
our side's the specific check chapters or *** in sections were related guidance again. You can go to check the introduction and methodology Framework publication covets to see more details.
As carpet is open to improvement from practitioner community, you're encouraged And so I suggest you that and you have any,
you know,
recommendations for the college community. You should submit that to I Sacha. So it can, you know, be part of the next car it
then we have component. Oh, our conversation instructors There concession instructors. Governance components suggest
levels off responsibility and Akane of Italy for process practices. The charts include individual roles as well as organizational instructors from both business A nightie.
There are several rules. Organizational structure. There are carpet, for example, just to mention a few executive committee chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operational officer. You know, in all the chiefs risk information technology digital.
You know what I recently saw even achieve happiness Officer, which, you know, maybe it wasn't I believe he was in charge of, you know, making stuff. So so to retain talent because, you know, when someone's really talented, you will receive, um,
offers from other jobs in one of the
parts that covered Help us, too, as well. It's still retain talent. I mean, not only was spotted and developed it, but also to maintain it. And And this this this business had the chief happiness officer position. I thought it was really cool.
I t for. Assemble all the rules of governance board, architectural board, probably miners. The famous PMO right, that pregnant women management office that a management function relationship, my much man pulling relationship. My nine years, for example, headhunters
or head human resources.
Ah, head I t operations service management, audit compliance, Legal counsel. I mean, they're Cheryl positions. You can a convention on that I second recommends to have but you know, to be realistic. Not all of them will be included in our business
weather because we already have another name. Or there's another position covered that responsibility
or because we simply are not part of a large enterprise, a large business or part off a small business. So maybe they're this city off. The chief technology officer must must Overseas technology and security. I'm privacy and risk and everything, right? So, yeah, those are the positions where Camp
I second recommends
us to use a detailed description of fifth piece of these rules and organizational instructors again. It's included in introduction in Mexicali. If you want to take a look, the different levels off involvement includes For this, instructors can be drived into responsible on economy all levels,
for example, responsible.
The role takes the main operational stake in fulfilling the practice and create the intended are welcome.
A carnival wool, scary over accountability as principal accountability, not the shirt. So, for example, if you're accountable for achieving days or that the process creates this. Malcolm. You cannot delegate that to another person. You're accountable.
It's the main describes, You know that did this. The organization instructors have that have the responsibility or economy really off the main.
Uh, then we have consulted and informed rolls like for simple consulted Rolls provides input to the practice. You know who's providing the input
on informed roles are informed that, you know, achieved achievements on the liberals or practices are done, or we will really achieve that. Who's the receiving? That information is the question to ask here.
Then we can move to information, flows and items.
Another governments component provides guidance on the information flow and items linked with the process practices.
Each practice includes inputs and outputs with indications of origin and destination. In general, each output descend to one or unlimited number of destinations. Stability, typically another carpet process practice.
Then we have people skills and competences. The people skills and competencies. Governance component identifies human resources on the skills required to achieve the governance or management. Operative
covered bay is based based this guidance on the skills framework for the information h a sphere again. Skills framework For the information H, I believe pronounced sphere
s f I a person number six. In addition, references are included for several governments and management operatives to the e commerce e competence framework O S e f.
You know, this is a common European framework for professionals in all the interested sectors,
you know, And also, finally, it's also based in the Institute of Internal Auditors
and we have policies and procedures. This component provides detailed guidance on policies and procedures. Procedures that are relevant for the governments are management operative.
This name is relevant.
Policies and procedures is included, as the name suggests,
with a description of the purpose and the content on the policy.
Then we have cultures, ethics and behavior. These governments components our culture, ethics and behavior provides detailed guidance, undecided cultures, cultural elements within the organization that support achievement off a governance and management operative. For example, if we already have a
I said, you know activities that must be allowed or not allowed in the enterprise. We can create a policy with the component policy and procedures Thio communicate that to the personal, for example, the acceptable usage policy
and we have service is infrastructure and applications. The service's infrastructure on application governance component provides detailed guidance author, party service's types, off infrastructure and categories off applications that can be applied to support achievement, off of governance or management operative.
What those a p o on M e A. Men's Remember that we already mentioned that in previous in previous lessons. AP. Oh, well, first, let me
type for these. We have two types off the mains. Right governance in management into the governance of Maine. We can find the evaluate
the direct and monitor that's the only domain, but that the management the main contains four demands which you know a p o N m a mea on included a p o means a lying plan. Unorganized and mea means monitor, evaluate and assess Both them are part of the
that the management domains
elaborate a little bit on the process component. Well, that the process component, which is the first component we saw, um
you know it is for each capability level is assigned to all process activities. So basically is what activities are we performing to achieve the business goals? Are we performing them well enough? And If we don't know, we can't. We have, you know,
set of structures to follow toe actually audit the capability level which is called the C M I. The capability, capability, maturity model integration on we can, you know, are in the process. How well is the process performing to achieve or business school?
In today's video, we discard the carpet components, goals and objectives
again another go to here on Lee Die sack framework
material that you can take low cat And you know there's no other way we can google it again. I always encourage students to do that to Google information. But if you want to go to the source well, I Sacha has these four locations.
So that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the video and talk to you soon.
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