COBIT 2019 Capability Concepts

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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen point for two. Copy 2019 Capability Concepts. My name is 100 Gina and I'll begin instructor for today's lesson.
The learning Our objectives of this session is to identify and understand covets capability contracts and liberate the six capability levels for process
so covets. See 1019 supports a CM in mind based process capabilities. Kim, the process within each governance and management operative can operate at Barris capability levels ranging from 0 to 5.
The capability level is a measure of how well the process is implemented and performing.
Um, in your screen you're seeing, you know, the six cape it the five capability levels we have, um, and zero means that, you know,
I'll just describe to you Ah, this mile level by level so we can all be on the same page. So level zero, which is not represented in the image. It means that there's a lack any basic capability, you know, incomplete approach to address governance and management.
I don't was that
I mean, uh, there's no control or there's no process actually implemented. We just know that brushes just being
followed us up and a daily basis us as it comes, there's no,
you know, process or order to follow to actually complete process may or may not be, you know, meeting the intent
of any process practices on. And, you know, at this level we don't have any idea if it's actually helping to cheap the business schools
living one. Ah,
it just means that at the process, more or less achieves its purpose through, you know, the application off an incomplete set of activities that could be characterized as initial or intuitive, not very organized overall level to the process achieves
it's purpose to the application of basic
yet complete set of activities that can be characterized as performed.
Little tree means that the process achieves its purpose in a much more much more organized way. Using organizational assets process is typically are well defined
in this level.
Live afford that the process achieves. His purpose is well defined, that is, it is performing its performance Is quantitative really measured and, you know number five level number five. The process achieves its purpose
is well defined. Its performance is measured to improve performance and continuous improvement.
Um, is, you know, achieved. So not only the main difference from process fort for level four absurd to level five is that little file is continuously improving the process itself. You know, the rating process activities,
you know, I keep really level can be achieve, uh, you know, certain degrees which can be expected by a set of ratings.
The range off available ratings depends on the contents context. I'm sorry. English. The performance assessments assessment is made some formal methods leading the independent certification used binary, you know, passed or failed set of ratings.
Less formal methods often used in performance, improved context.
We're better with the larger ranger. The range of ratings such as the following. For example, you can use four different
ratings full, largely partially and not, for example, fool. The Cape of Italy level is achieved for more dying. 85% you know,
talking about percentages to steal a judgment call, but it can be sustained by demonstrating about the process and findings. Because you know what 85 percents means to one auditor? It might be it might mean something different to other art or so. Yeah, but you know,
largely the capability level is achieved between 50% and 85%.
Ah, then we have the partially which the capability level is achieved between 10% and 15% and not or not completed. The capability level is achieved with delays in 10%. So yeah,
there's that
if the process achieves, its purpose is well defined on its performance is quantitatively measured.
Remember, we used at work where level is achieved in this case is level for I remember we also talk about the difference between level full four and number five, which is basically never five is continuously improve in the process.
If the process is more or less achieves its purpose through the application often incomplete set set of activities that can be characterized as intuitive. What level is chief?
He's level one. Remember, we said that the process was not very organized and the president more or less achieved its purpose. You know, through ah intuitive way.
In today's video, we discussed the six performance capability levels and we provided ah brief description off if off each level so we can now understand how to measure the process itself and the materially in this case capability level. A process is achieving or kidnap Chief
supplementary materials again. All the ice Aqaba locations. Nothing, too. I hear.
So that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the video and talk to you soon.
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