Cloud and Virtualization Concepts Part 1

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Hello and welcome back to the side. Berry 2019 Cop T A. Security plus certification preparation course.
We continue our discussion of marginal my three
and the topic of discussion will be domain. Three. Architectural design
Surprising enough We have a brain new objective, which is 3.7. We've got this summarize cloud and virtualization concepts.
The first item margin is a pre assessment Quist, and it reads as follows. Company eight is due to upgrade all of us I T systems and has been investigating moving to the cloud as there's no capital expenditure since the CSP provides the hardware
company was still like to control the i T systems in the cloud,
which cloud Marwood best served company eight needs Is a software as a service
be infrastructure as a service
See mantra as a service, or is it the platform of the service?
In this case, if you start to be, you're absolutely correct because infrastructure service provides the bare metal hardware. Then you need to install the software, configure it and then patch it.
As mentioned earlier, this brand new get this is 3.7.
When we have to summarize cloud and virtualization concept here again on some concepts which encompasses this particular objective. We begin by first taking a look at hyper visor.
Take a look, a tight one hyper visor
as well as a type two.
There were more in our discussion, taking a look at application sales and containers,
virtual machines, sprawl of what is
birch machine escape protection.
They would take a look at cloud storage.
So when you think what virtualization birch is a change in the mindset from physical, too logical
virtualization means create mawr. Logical ITV sources call virtual systems within one physical system.
This is called system virtualization. It's most commonly uses. The hyper visor for Imagine of resource is for every virtual system.
The hyper Basel is a software that can virtualized the hardware. Resource is
so, in essence, on happen visors were controls
and allocates what portion the heart worry sources each operating systems to get in order for every one of them to get what they lead and not disrupt each other.
Now there are two types of hyper visor that you need to be aware of. The 1st 1 is tight. One hyper visor,
this high bar that runs directly on the system heart, where other words a bare metal embedded hyper visor.
Then we have the type to hyper visor. This hyper brother runs on the host operating system that provides virtualization services such as input, output, device support as well as memory management.
Then we have shared storage. She has storage. Is the centralising data in one place? Harbor is more than just that.
In today's business environment, it is imperative that database accessible on a 24 7 bases and not be subject to hardware issues
virtually imply it's is is the software application. Residing and operating in a pre configured virtual environment or platform.
Virtual appliances are excess remotely by users and do not require local install hardware
continuity and resilience. I t continuity and adores infamous technology. Continuity is in fact, a holistic approach to imagine technology systems in event of a major disruption.
Resilience refers to a network system of Billy to withstand the slings and arrows of life in operations, from human errors to migration, failure to natural disasters,
virtual sheen, sprawl. Avoidance is a phenomenon occurs when the number of birth machines on a network reaches a point with administrator can no longer manage them effectively.
Birch Machine spoke often happens when there's freedom to provision instances because of a lack of proper implemented policies regarding provisioning
VM escape protection it is and explore. And was the attacker runs cold on a VM that allows an operating system running within it to break out and interact directly with the hyper visor.
This type of sport could give their tiger access to the host operating system and all other birch machines running on that host.
This brings us to cloud computing.
What we gonna do now it's briefly take a look at some of the advantages off cloud computing.
Now, when you think about one of the advantages is flexibility
bases ability to quickly meet your venison man. Opposite is an important reason why a lot of organizations have made a decision to move toward a cloud.
Then we look at his *** recovery. When a company start relying on cloud based services, they don't longer need complex disaster recovery plans. Cloud computing providers take care of most issues
and do it much faster.
Then we have another event is called automatic software updates. Then we have what we call capital expenditure fee
cloud computing services typically pay as you go, so there's no need for capital expenditure at all. And because clock but is much more faster. Deploy binges have minimum project, start up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses. Are computer increasing collaboration by allowing all implores
where they are to sync up and work on documents and share app simultaneously.
Then they're able to work from anywhere. As long as employees have Internet access, they can work from anywhere this flexibility possibly affect knowledge workers
in terms of work, balanced life and productivity. One study found that 42% of working adults will give up some of their salary if they could telecommute, and on average they would take about 6% pay cut,
turn after two door cloud storage is like local storage. A bunch of disk drives or S S DS sometime connected that store data hire a cloud. Storage is in the cloud, not on premises, and instead of deploying and manu stores, you just consume it.
Think of it as storage as a service.
Benefits include reduce administrative overhead, reduced costs. The downside are that you lose control of the hardware and much of the configuration Often you can't choose how the data store or house encrypted. You essentially give a lot of control where you actually move toward the cloud.
Let's take a look at some of different types of Cloud service models. You have the traditional
enlisted here.
As you can see here, you match everything from a traditional perspective.
Then we go to infrastructure as a service. As you can see here, you manage the applications that data, the runtime, the middleware and so forth. The vendor managed everything that below this listed in red.
Then we come to platform as a service. Here
you only manage the application in the data. Everything else is matched by a vendor.
However, when you move to software the service,
everything is matched by the vendor. Essentially, you don't manage anything. Everything managed essentially by the vendor.
This raises to our key takeaways from this particular video presentation.
Doing this critical presentation, we learned that the tight one hyper visor runs directly on the system. Heart war, A bare metal embedded hyper visor.
We learned a Type two hyper visor runs on the host operating system that provides virtualization services such as input output device could support and memory management.
We learned that Artie Continuity or information technology continuity is in fact a holistic approach to imagine technology system in event of a major disruption.
A hyper buys is welcome. Chose and allocate what point in the hardware resource is. Each operates is once you get in order for everyone to get what they need and not disrupt each other
really. Under that virtual plants a software application residing and operating in a pre configure Bertrand via mental platform, virtual appliances are access remotely by users and do not require local install hardware.
Some additional
key takeaways. We learned that virtualization is changing the minds from physical too logical.
We learned that Virtual Jason means creating mawr. Logical I T Resource is called Virtual systems within one physical system that's called system virtualization.
In our upcoming video, we're taking a look again in terms of continuing our discussion off 3.7, which deal specific with summarize cloud and virtualization concepts. And again, I look forward to seeing you in a very next video
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