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[ifloggedin_show] Finished Module 6? Take the Module 6 Self Assessment [/ifloggedin_show] This lesson discusses the module's key points to remember when managing lists:

  • Adding and editing list items
  • Introduction to list views
  • Customizing lists
  • Exporting lists
  • List ribbon user interface

Video Transcription

shoddy laser here, and we've just walked through the module or managing list some of the key takeaways that I want you to take home for use in the assessment exams and various examples throughout the course. Ours follows. We walked through how to add, edit and delete
list items. We've also walked through an introduction to list views and some of the views used for public use within your sights, structure as well as this views for personal use. We've walked through how to customize our list columns
and how to add and edit various columns to customize them to your business use.
We walked through how to export our list into a spreadsheet view as well as various formats for editing off line, and we walked through. The key differences between the list ribbon user interface and some of the capabilities that make that ribbon user interface unique used these key takeaways to help you
with the excess mint exam for this module,
as well as key examples that are available in this course through your Cyberia count.

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