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[ifloggedin_show] Finished Module 4? Take the Module 4 Self Assessment [/ifloggedin_show] This lesson gives a breakdown of the made points of the module:

  • Understanding users and groups
  • Site permissions
  • Creating custom groups
  • Requesting access to site content
  • Adding users to groups

Video Transcription

shadow the laser here and in this module we have covered in detail, security and permissions. You should have a clear understanding of how securities administered and when to utilize various users and groups and also went to create custom groups.
Now, some of the key concepts that I want you to take home
and utilize our fault
understanding users and groups. I want you to understand how users are added to a site, and I also want you to understand when groups are to be used in the best practices behind creating
Forsyte Permissions. I want you to understand the basic site permissions that exists for the default groups within SharePoint online and how to utilize and group permissions to create your own custom groups down the line for creating custom groups.
I want you to understand the name and conventions behind custom groups
when to create custom groups and best practices for managing the amount of custom groups within your sights, structures
or requesting access to site content. I want you to understand how site content is being requested by your users and how to grant that access
and for adding users to groups. You should have a detail understanding of how to add users to groups and some of the key ways to ah accomplish that within the user interface. So this model was security and permissions. Please utilize the various examples and quick reference cars within cyber Eri to further
examine and understand
your knowledge on this subject.

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