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Take the Module 3 Self Assessment [/ifloggedin_show] This lesson discusses key points of the Ribbon User Interface. It is important to know the history and security settings such as how access works. Finally, task groups are designed by productivity. They are grouped together for maximum efficiency to help complete tasks faster. The ribbon exists throughout Sharepoint online whether you have the lowest level of permission to the highest, so it's important to master the ribbon.

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shad Needy laser here.
Office 3 65 Web content management course. And in this module, we just cover understanding the ribbon user interface, and I want to give you some key take home point from the material that we've just covered for history. The history behind the ribbon user interface is compatibility.
We have Microsoft Office 2007
SharePoint 2010. The ribbon was introduced into SharePoint online to provide compatibility between office documents as well a cz the SharePoint interface and provide a consistent user interface between both desktop and cloud based platform.
In terms of security, access is defined by the icons which have full color. If you have full color icons on your particular ribbon, that means you have the access to complete those particular task within the task groups.
In terms of task groups, task groups are designed by productivity. Each of the key related features and tasks and functionality are grouped together
to make it easier to find and locate, and also to help you complete your work faster. In previous versions of office from 2003 on that,
the task groups were not available, so it made it harder to find information into complete tasks. You spend more time completing or looking for things,
then it makes it harder to actually complete them. And in terms of our final
point in terms of understanding the ribbon user interface,
the ribbon exists the route SharePoint online whether you're using a site
whether using a list, whether you're using a library. So as a user, you will be presented with revenues or interface
whether you have the lowest level of permissions on up to elevated permission. So it's important to know that you have to master the ribbon in order to master the concept
within the ribbon user interface.
Shadley the laser and thank you for watching this particular module in Cyberia and please stay tuned for more information presented in the office 3 65 Web management course.

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