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Take the Module 2 Self Assessment [/ifloggedin_show] This lesson focuses on what that instructor would like participants to really have knowledge about: Collaboration features: Understand the key web parts Site Hierarchy: Key difference between sites, sub sites and some of the unique permissions needed to manage Site Navigation: tools such as breadcrumbs, quick launch and top navigation bars Site Settings: key components such as search and features for trouble shooting

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shadowed the laser. Here in in this module, we took a step beyond the traditional content. Managers roll into the world of the site administrator. So for this particular module, there's a few key take away points that I want you to utilize
for the collaboration features. I just want you to understand
the key Web parts in list and libraries from a management perspective.
Forsyte Hierarchy. I want you to understand that the key differences between your sights, your sub sites and some of the ah, unique permissions that are needed to manage both
Forsyte Navigation I want you to understand that knowing where to find information is very important as a content manager, leveraging tools such as the breadcrumbs, the quick launch bar in the top navigation bar and understanding how and went to customize those for your users
and also the site settings panel and understanding some key components. Such a search, such as features that will aid you in trouble, shooting and configuring your site as a site manager, leveraging the concepts covered in the site administration module
As you go into the various examples that are located in Cyber Eri,
you can use these key points in addition to the screen cast to better understand the concepts presented in this module

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