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The second phase of the CISSP Exam Review focuses helping you establish and maintain the correct mindset throughout your exam study-prep-exam taking life cycle. IT begins by introducing the concept of CISSP Mindset, and then presents an elaborate discussion on what that entails. You'll learn to clearly understand and define what your role is within the organization, how to clarify and reinforce what that role is to the stakeholders you'll engage, and it further ties in key points of engagement such as advising, Risk Management and thinking like a manager rather than like an engineer who's role it is to fix. And finally, you'll lean additional techniques for deciphering what the queries are really asking you to convey. For example what is met by Layered Defense, why technical questions are for managers and management questions are for technicians, where decisions start, and why is physical safety important. The goal of this Exam Review is to help you think strategically and less like a technical professional, more like a management professional.

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CISSP Archive (10 Domain - 2014)

CISSP 2015 Domain Restructuring