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won't welcome back to I see anyone. This is that less than a point to introduction to Sisko IOS management. The last lesson in this entire video. Siri's
As always, I am trend here on our very instructor for this course and this lesson to recover everything from the final system. We're gonna copy a new islets of advice to upgrade it will, actually doing that on one of my new routers.
We're gonna go ahead and do password recovery. We're gonna go through the different packages that Iowa's has.
So, like I said, the 1st 1 we're gonna look at the different Iowa's images. We're going to get a password. So that one we're actually gonna go through it all created my router and password recovery. I want to show you guys how to basically load the router without a starter config. So that way we can remove a password on a device. If
if we need Thio the next one, we're gonna get the different figuration files so we can set up manual and automatic backups. And last one, we're gonna look at the old and new packages
as always, a quick pre assessment here. What is the configure register hex for ignoring the startup. Configure? No, I very briefly talked about a way back. We'll see if you can remember.
All right, it is zero x 2142
and the next one who spent way too much money. I'm buying lab equipment and isn't allowed to buy more. Four. Quote one more year.
See if you can figure this one out.
And that would be me. No, I'm just joking. I'm I do, by the way. Too much lab equipment, though, but I like in my more. Okay,
last one. Here. What feature set are the old I was packages built off of Essentially what? What is the package That the rest of them are built off of? That the features are added to so I'll give you a few seconds to think about it.
All right? It is the land base with the I P base.
And then I seem so we're gonna look at the eyeless images were actually go through it upgraded one of my routers from Iowa's 12 that I was 15
Azul ways. If you have questions, need help. Feel free to shoot me. Message. Otherwise, thank you for watching this.
Less an introduction fordo scene in the rest of it

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This course will enable students to understand virtualization and cloud services, and network programmability related to LAN, access and core segments.

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