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I wanted to show you how to find vendors to use for your core. So when we mentioned vendors were talking about things like your labs, that students can go through assessments, even C TF challenge is so all the different things that are available to you as an instructor to provide to your students to help make a better course experience.
And as you already know, there's always more being integrated into the catalog. So we have some new vendors coming out later this year in 2019 and also next year in 2020. So always keep an eye out because there may be fresh content coming out as you're building out new courses on the platform.
So all we have to do is once we've decided on her course topic, we then just have to come into the catalog and actually search for that and find the lab's etcetera. For this example, I'm gonna be using penetration testing. So what we're going to do is we're gonna search first for penetration testing, see what we see.
Ah, and then we'll see if there's any results looking for more commonly search terms like ethical hacking
or even CH which is a certification from easy counsel.
So let's start off. It's too searching for penetration testing in the catalog and just to see what kind of information we get back.
So you'll notice that when we search for penetration testing, we get primarily courses that will either teach you penetration testing or that will mention it. So as an example, Security Plus has a brief module on pen testing. But these other courses were like advanced pen testing. That'll obviously teach you penetration testing.
We do see, you know, a lab here. And if we keep scrolling through this and look through the search results, we'll see some more labs. But really not a whole lot of stuff. So we may be thinking if we're instructor for pen testing, that there's really nothing available for us to use to teach our students.
But that's for the furthest thing from the truth. There actually is a lot of, uh, penetration, testing or hacking related content on the site.
So next thing we're gonna do is we're gonna use the more commonly searched ethical hacking right, because the media calls it ethical hacking. So everyone wants to be an ethical hacker and save the world.
So we do see some more results here. We do see that if we type in ethical hacking, it'll grab some assessments for us. Practice test. You'll even see my live course, that sort of stuff. But again, we're not really seeing a whole lot of labs,
and we could We could go through and scroll through all that, and that's fine. But let's try a different way now. What we're going to do is we're gonna think through some comments, certifications for this particular career path. So for pen testers, Ah, lot, one of the biggest ones we see out there, c E h. There's also a CP. There's probably two of the most common ones along with, like the G pen,
and so if we type in C E. H and search for the certification prep,
what we're going to notice is that as we come down here, the third result right here is a big bundle of practice labs for
the sort of fight ethical hacker or ch certification. Prep it, Sam.
So what we can do, though, for just teaching penetration, testing, and we're not trying to train students just to pass this exam. We could still use these labs more than likely we. What we need to do is we need to log into them and launch them. And then from there we can look through all the labs, make sure there's some labs that actually pertain to the course we want to teach,
and then we can use those labs and
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