Video Description

In this lab, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio demonstrates Cewl, a simple and useful tool for generating word lists for use with a password cracking tool. Cewl is built into Kali, or it can be downloaded and run from other UNIX systems. SME Pompilio gives an example of how a Social Engineer would use Cewl's spidering process to generate a word list for password cracking and how the output is evaluated. You will learn to

  • run the program
  • examine the Help function
  • understand the various options in Cewl
  • specify the spidering depth
  • specify word length
  • specify an output file
  • specify a proxy
  • determine whether to use the offsite parameter
  • search for metadata and save to a file
  • search for email addresses and save to a file

The large number of words (13,325) and email addresses (82) discovered by the process run in the example can be used with a password cracking tool, and those results will be used in your Social Engineering audit.

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