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Video Transcription
hello and welcome to another episode of breaking stuff with Robert today we're going to be talking about case file now. Case file is a graphical tool that allows you to visually map out information and objects of interest
in an offline manner so you don't have transforms and things of that nature that you might have with multi go community edition or paid editions.
And really, this is so you can plot relationships between information and kind of give you a point of reference when working on, like a project or a case. If you're law enforcement
now, some of the targeted audiences here could be network administrators looking to maybe map out network connections or organization relationships. Cyber forensic analysts wanting to map out evidence and the connections that it has to a crime, or to ah, you know, a particular individual
law enforcement warn individually layout connections. Maybe they want to do phone calls, you know,
to a crime scene or, um, any number of things really, and then penetration testers looking to map out information or systems for a client as well.
Now, um, the only pretty workers that I'm listing today is fundamental knowledge of open source intelligence and kind of why that would be important with respect to mapping these things out. But the tool is really
all about you taking it and laying out information in a meaningful manner. So, really, even with that prerequisite in mind, you don't need to know anything about open source intelligence gathering
to really appreciate this tool and use it. So with that in mind, let's go ahead and jump into our demo.
Welcome everybody to our demo today. We're working out of the Windows based environment, so we will not be using Kelly, but they're not. There are downloads for case file on the website for both Windows Mac and Lennox.
And so you can use any of these operating systems when working with Case file or Matty go a community edition or the paid edition, depending on you know
what you want to do with them. So once you've downloaded um, Montego
gotten started, I just went ahead and open case file, which doesn't require like, registration or anything like that, and I went to the example graph.
Now this is four individuals who want to maybe visually represent information or data points like working to a pin test or a client says, Hey, what is my level of exposure? Can you see what entities I might be tied to? This is a great tool. So,
um, as you can see here it like the top level. They've got the multi go domain,
a reference from the N s information. So all of this would be entered manually and you've got each of those into teas overhere.
So you can see there's a number of things like airports if you churches city, country, crime scene. I mean, you could really get
into some different
information types here. So if I was like a p I or a private investigator and I wanted to use
some of these things to link a person to certain activities or if I'm trying to visually keep track of things, it's kind of like that board that you see up in the law offices where they're putting photos and maps and people and case files on all that together. This is a case file. This is essentially what you can do here.
as you can see, each of these things like represents a network, a set of network addresses or ah particular I P. That's tied back to a website that goes all the way down to maybe a location or company. Let's say as you do some research or something like that, you make a phone call
so you can put a phone call out here
where you may be cold, multi go or something like that,
and you can connect. The two will say, uh,
call to Montego,
and then we can do that. And then, you know, you can make this conversation label whatever you want, make it
so let's just say call to CEO.
And then, um,
let's say that you find out later that they're tied to a religious group like the pasta far ends or whatever the case may be. And through that call, we make that discovery
that they're related to the pasta. Farhan's here that they've got some connection
called to him found this out. Now there's a new connection there, so this can really, really help in presenting information to a client presenting information to your board of directors or your executive team with respect to how your organization maps out how it connects to the rest of the world.
There are plenty of
entities over here, the to pick from and really, you know, it's kind of limited to your imagination. So with that in mind, let's go ahead and jump back into our slides.
Well, I hope you enjoyed that demo of case file again. There's a lot that you can do here and really, you know, you don't have to have any pre requisite knowledge,
and you could use it for any number of things. If you're mapping out a project, mapping out a network, mapping out information, maybe you're just sitting at home going through, you know, a theory or something like that. You want to try to connect the bounce and visually represented,
Uh, this is a great tool to do so with. So with that in mind, I want to thank you for your time today, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.