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Video Transcription
Alright, My learners, we are less than 5.5
capacity management process. Let's get through these processes.
All right. Are you ready? Yes, you are All right. So are learning objectives. In this video, we will cover the understanding of capacity management, the sub processes of capacity management as well as the capacity plan, which is a major output
of the capacity management. Okay,
so when we go into the capacity management process, right, So what is the purpose? So capacity managing process is concerned with meeting both the current and future capacity and performance needs of a business. So, as it is indicated here
to read off or used to ensure that the level of capacity of I T services and the I T infrastructure meets the agree capacity
and performance related requirements and it cost effective and timely manner.
All right. So we go into the objectives of the capacity management. So I tell list of the CME process. Right? So it is produced and maintain appropriate and up to their capacity plan, which reflects the current and future needs of that business.
And then you provide advice and guidance toe all toe all other areas of the business and I t on all capacities
in performance related issues as well. And then you have to ensure that the service performance achievements meet all their agreed targets by managing the performance and the capacity of both the services and the resource is
as well as assistant diagnosing and resolution of the performance in the capacity related incidents and problems. So when you take a look, you assess the impact of all these changes on the capacity plan and the performance as well as the capacity of all the services in the resource is
so when we start getting to the being proactive and measuring to improve. Those performances of the services they are implemented, however, is most likely caused justifiable as well as we sit there and take a look. So it also assist the impact of all the changes on that capacity.
Okay, those are the major objectives of the I T list as within this process.
so they were going to the scope. Now the scope is according to the I tell cm process.
It's more of monitoring the p B A, which is the patterns of business activity through performance utilization as well as the throughput off the I T services and the supporting infrastructure, even environmental the data and the application components
of a particular um
service. So that capacity in that performance of that component. So it undertakes the tuning activities to make the most efficient use of the existing I re sources, as well as understanding the agree demands being made by that customer for I T services and productive
the four. Forecasting the future requirements for that particular service and then producing a capacity plan that enables a service provided to continue to provide service of the quality defined in the S L A.
And that covers a sufficient planning timeframe to meet that featured service levels required as a define
inside of that service portfolio and the service level, um requirements reportings. OK,
all right. So when we go into the sub processes of the capacity management, so when we go into here, so you have the three sub processes right, and those three sub processes is the business capacity management. Then you have the capacity, the service capacity management and then you have the component
capacity management.
Now these are the three sub processes for the capacity management. Okay,
No, to break down those particular components, you have business capacity management. There was more so translates business needs and plans into requirements for service in the I T service in the I T infrastructure. And then you go into the
the capacity the Service Capacity management, which more so manages controls and predicts the overall in the in performance of operation of services delivered by the service provider to its customers.
And the third is the component capacity management, which is it manages it controls. And it predicts the performance of individual I T components in the support of services.
now those are the three sub processes of the capacity management
now the capacity plan, right? When we looked into the capacity plan, it's more of a published in line with the budget. It's cycle so at least annually or were necessary to update more frequently. So it's more volatile to the business plans and services which may require a quarter every issue.
So the documents,
the documents, the current levels of resource utilization and service performance right so it forecast, is the future requirements for resource to support the proposed I T services so this is based on considerations of the business strategy and plans.
so this is the capacity plan.
All right, So, in summary, less than 5.5. So we have the capacity management process. We discussed the sub processes of capacity management, the capacity plan, as well as the objectives of the capacity management process.
We'll be following with our lesson in the lesson quiz. And then we'll move on to our next lesson. All right, see you there.
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