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Welcome to Cybrary's CISSP coursework on Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning. This is by far one of the most important lessons where mastery of all concepts, strategies and best practices are a must; and tops the list for the certification test. You'll learn why Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning is not only management's responsibility, but everyone within and who serves the organization. Module 9 is broken into 9 subsections that introduce concepts and strategies for designing a business continuity policy, developing an effective disaster recovery plan, and shares examples of best practices in Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning. There are no labs for this chapter. Part 1 In this first lesson, we'll discuss what Business Continuity is and why Disaster Recovery Planning is different and why both are essential to an organization. You'll learn some common terms, as well as roles and responsibilities for management, IT and other players. We discuss all the components of a business continuity plan, you'll learn why it's considered a living document, and why disaster recovery planning is only a part of that.

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