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Video Transcription
Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen 6.3
Build acquired An implement. My name is Alejandro. Gonna and out Big Instructor for today's lesson,
the learning operatives of this video is to identify and understand all the profits is included on the bill acquired an implement domain.
So ah, said mentioned before in the sections are we'll go through all the processes include on each domain. In this case, we have yet another governance domain.
So we start with the first process, which is managed programs. Ah, manage brought You know that the objective is to manage all programs from the investment portfolio in a long alignment with enterprises strategy on encouraging, you know, coordinated in a coordinated way.
I mean, not to introduce any
you know, entropy or, you know,
you have to create processes in ardor manner
in this case, based on a standard program Ah, our management approach,
you know, initiate plan control and execute programs on monitor expected Bali from the program.
Basically, the purpose is to realize our desire business mallie on reduce the risk on an unexpected delays cost. Oh, are you know, you know, kind of problems for not delivering any product on time
a SZ always ah management operative supports the achievement of a set of primary enterprise and alignment goals as us know every process we have seen so far. So, for example, and enterprise walls that this process supports its portfolio and off competitive products and service is
and alignment goals such as realized benefits
for my tea enable investments on service portfolio.
We have the other process, which is managed requirements definition. In this case, the definitions real simple is to identify solutions and a nice requirements before opposition or creations to ensure that they align with the enterprise destroyed the requirements.
Basically, the purpose is to create optimal solutions that make the enterprise needs
while minimizing the risk.
Ah, for example, an enterprise goal that it supports eyes optimization, off internal business processes, functionality and alignment goals for some police delivery off I T service is in line with business requirements.
Then we have managed solutions, identification and build, which is ah, the description that basically is to established on maintained identified products and service is such a technology, business processes or work flows
in live with the enterprise requirements covering the shine development procedure Mint on and you know, partnering with Bender's minus configuration, for example, desk preparations, testing requirements, management. And, you know. And so, uh,
the purpose is to ensure that agile
I'm scaleable delivery off the little products and service is, you know, establishing timely and cost effective solutions
again for technology, business processes in work, clothes capable off supporting enterprises strategy and operational archetypes.
The enterprise goals. For example. He's managed to digital transformation programmes and their Lyman goalies, for example, uh, delivery of programs on time, on budget and made in their appointments and quality standers.
Then we have the other process which is built. I'm sorry, manageability and capability. And in this case, the description is to balance scrimped on future needs of availability, performance and capacity
with cost effective service. Profession,
you know, include assessment of Korean capabilities are forecasting the future needs based on business requirements and so on.
The purpose is to maintain service availability, efficiency you know, an optimization off system performance. True prediction off the future performance in capacity requirements.
We have an enterprise goals here, for example, optimization off internal business processes, functionality, a swell portfolio off competitive products and service is remember you guys I'm just mentioning a couple of enterprise goals and climbing goals doesn't mean that those are the only ones that this process or any process reports
another alignment goal that this process sports is delivery off I T service is in line with business requirements
and then we have, um,
manage organizational changed,
which is the description was to maximize the lectured ock successfully implement and sustainable enterprise. Why organizational change quickly on with the UN would reduce risk.
Cover the complete life cycle of the change in our affected stakeholders in the business and I t. The purpose, basically, as you can imagine right now, has prepared uncommitted stakeholders for business change, and we're just the risk of failure. Enterprise goals that they support, for example, is optimization off internal business
processes. Functionality
or, for example, managed the total transformation programmes and alignment gold, for example, enabling and supporting business processes by integrating applications and technology.
Then we have managed I t changed changes.
Uh, description is to manage all the changes in a controlled manner, including standard changes and emergency maintaining related to business processes applications on infrastructure.
The purpose is basically to enable fast and reliable delivery off change of big business
on Also, mitigate the risk off, you know, impacting negatively impacting stability or integrity. Off change environment, the enterprise goals that this report is portfolio off competitive products and service is and Lyman goals agility to turn business requirements into operational solutions.
I know I'm probably boring you to death right now, just, you know, mentioning each process. But believe me, this will help you in your certification exam. You might get, you know, a white answer us to, For example, what's the purpose of managed t change exceptions except ums
and transition.
Ah, and you can easily answering by saying formally accepting and making operational new solutions on include implementation, planning system and that a conversion accepted except acceptance. Destin's communication released preparation. And so, uh,
again, I'm sorry, youth. I'm sorry if I'm boring you to death, but
this is necessary for you to understand each process and how they can, you know, help to, uh,
achieve business goal Ally mingle, for example.
So the press that the purpose of this process for managed t change acceptance on transition is to implement solutions safely unlike with their great expectations and outcomes, For example, and enterprise goals. That this report is portfolio off competitive products and service is
and alignment goal ability to turn business requirements into operational solutions.
Then we have AH, manage knowledge
which is basically maintaining the availability or relevant current validated and reliable knowledge on management information. Support all the process activities on facilitate decision making related to the governance and management on the enterprise. I t. The purpose, as you can imagine,
is to provide the knowledge and information
choir to support our stuff in governance and management of the enterprise. I t. And I love informed decision making
into possible that this report is, for example, stuff, skills, motivation and productivity.
An ally mingles his knowledge for its acknowledge enterprise on initiatives for business innovations
thing we have,
mannish assets manage assets, you know, manage I t assets through their life cycle basically,
and the purpose is for account for our I T assets and optimize the barley provider by their use.
Some enterprise goes that the support is for simple quality off marchment information
and a lineman goals, for example, is quality of technology related financial information.
Then we have managed configurations which is basically flying and maintain
description on relationships. Relationships. I'm sorry. Among key resources and capabilities required to the liver. I t enabled. Service's, you know, include collecting configuration information, establishing baselines very fine and auditing configuration information
and updating the configuration repositories. For example,
the purpose is really simple, which is provides sufficient information about the service assets to enable the service to be effectively managed.
The supports of Kharkov Enterprise Balls, for example, Business service continue T and availability, and Ally mingle such a security, off information processing infrastructure and applications and privacy.
Then we have managed projects which is, you can imagine is to. The purpose is to realize defined product Malcolm's and reduce the risk off unexpected lace costs. And Bali, a Russian you know, by improving communication to on development of business on end users.
The enterprise ago that this report is, for example, portfolio off competitive products and service is and the Lyman both, for example, is delivering programs on time on budget and made innit appointments and quality standards.
What process has the identified? Be a eyes. You're one What? That was the first possible. So remember you guys Well, it's how it is managed programs on and you know the purpose is to, you know, manage all the programs for the investment portfolio. And when we say manage women, you know
skyrocket that the body you can get from all the programs
mentioned one enterprise goal supported by B I 11 which is basically the last
process we saw manage projects. For example, Enterprise Goal will be portfolio of competitive drugs and service's optimization off internal business processes, functionality or managed a total transformation programmes. If you say one of this, that will be. That's correct.
Ah, and mentioned one alignment gold supported by again B I, uh 11 for assemble realized benefits for my tea and naval investments on service portfolio agility to turn business requirements into operational solutions and delivering programs on time on budget, meeting the requirements and quality standards
in today's video. With this cost, all the process is included in the bill acquired. An implementer mate,
supplementary materials. I can now go other way from the side eye sockets, publications and you know you can always google any materials or any reference you may want. But if you actually want to implement carpet or pass a certification, I highly recommend you to go to buy these guys from the ice aka up
guys again. Um And you will. You will not regret buying those publications or let it for today. Folks, I hope you enjoyed the video and talk to you soon.
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