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Okay, so let's look at these sub plans. Uh, so again, the business continuity plan is the overarching document. It's made up of several sub clans, and the subclans have one of three. Primary purpose is either to protect, recover or sustain the organization.
So when we look at the plans that are designed to protect
primarily human life and then the organization as a whole, But human life is always the first priority the crisis communication plan and the occupant emergency plan. So the crisis communication plan is how we notify our people that were in disaster recovery Phase one or
we're in the plan face two or whatever the case may be. So ultimately,
how are we going to disseminate the information that we are in a disaster of it?
Okay. The occupant emergency plan. I've also heard it called the Occupant Evacuation Plan. How do we get people out of the burning building, for instance, What are those things that we do in the midst of that disaster? To protect our people, protect our property? Things like
who is gonna help our folks with physical challenges Evacuate.
Who's gonna make sure that their departments are have everyone in the department has made it out. Who's gonna be out there in the parking lot counting heads? Where do we meet? Those are the types of things that would be in the occupant emergency plan.
Now, when we go into recover and any time we talk about recover, recover is always gonna be How do we get things back up and running as quickly as possible? And of course, we have to get those most critical elements back up and running the quickest. That's the purpose of the disaster recovery plan.
So the disaster recovery plan is gonna detail
what items have to be restored and how that's gonna work. Okay, the business recovery plan is more business focused. The disaster recovery plan is more I t focused so
you can get all the Thea I T. Elements back up and running. But if you haven't restored the business processes that use them, that's really have little effect. So the two of those go together.
Ah, there's also the cyber incident response plan and that is always think of that is always about.
They're being a malicious attack, some sort of malicious activity and then continuity. It's support plan or I t contingency plan. That's your specific system. So we'll have a set of plans in dealing with. Well, what happens if our Web presence goes down or
our Internet service providers dropped him? You know, we get lost access.
And then finally, the sustained piece of the puzzle, the only one that is even remotely long term is the continuity of operations plan that Coop. And that's really only Thio keep us functioning up to 30 days. Obviously, that can carry over a little bit longer.
But ideally, we're gonna be well on our way to getting our environment restored.
And remember, the disaster is not over until we're back at the state of pundits.
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