More Information About PC Power Supplies

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More Information About PC Power Supplies

In this chapter we will further explore essential concepts behind power supplies.

There are a few different versions of power supplies you can work with. These versions include ATX 12 V 1.3, EPS 12 V, and ATX 12 V 2.0. These versions have different support for different types of devices. In 1.3 an auxiliary connecter was introduced based on a motherboard power connector. This connector was based on AT and some connectors like Molex allowed users to use an older power supply for new motherboards. These connectors can come in 20 and 24 pin varieties. A PCi express connector will use 6 pins. Some power supplies that are more niche or high end carry form factors like TFX, SFX, CFX, LFX, and active Power Factor Correction.

How much power does your PC need? Every device requires some amount of wattage, and knowing the proper wattage is crucial. Some power supplies don’t necessarily run at maximum efficiency, and 500 W is a good general recommendation. This should provide you with enough power to begin and accommodate future power needs.

Installing and maintaining a power supply is not necessarily difficult. The first step is to remove the old power supply. This involves disconnecting the wires, removing the four standard built-in screws, and removing the power supply unit. Afterwards, place the new power supply in the case, replace the standard screws, and re-connect the wires to the power supply. As mentioned in earlier sections, it’s important you check the voltage switch on the back to ensure you are working with the correct voltage for your motherboard.

These power supplies require basic cooling in order to prevent overheating. Power supplies come with fans to dissipate heat. If this fan fails, it should be replaced quickly to prevent overheating. The case needs to remain closed in order to function properly, but it also needs to maintain proper airflow. You can adjust these fans manually or with software in order to accommodate for noise. More high end fans are generally quieter, and some of these fans come with CMOS options for troubleshooting.

How can a power supply fail? For one, the power supply may suddenly stop working and the entire computer is disables. In the other case, the power supply breaks slowly over time. This may mean intermittent issues with your power supply that indicate the device is dying. If you encounter any of these problems early on it’s best to replace your power supply immediately rather than later.

When a circuit breaker is broken, excessive heat has been produced. This may result from a power supply malfunction, and without a circuit breaker fire can occur. There are Class A, B, and C fire extinguishers that can be used in the case of a fire. These extinguishers are used for paper and wood, liquids, and electrical fires respectively. An easy trick to remember this is A for ash, B for boiling, and C for circuits. Only use Class C extinguishers for fires related to power supply malfunctions.

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