Azure Virtual Network IP Addressing

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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to this lesson on Azure virtual network I p. Addressing this lesson is part of the THAAD Madu off the is at 500 Microsoft Azure security technologist costs
quick information on what will be covering in this lesson will start out with a brief discussion off. Private I. P addressing in azure virtual network would then follow that with are not approve discussion on public i p address in and finally out demonstrate out to create an assigned a public i p address to virtual Mission network interface.
Let's get into this
when were signed on a jury sauced resubmit, it automatically gets an I. P address from the subject range and died is something that, assigned dynamically
we can modify that assignment to be static from the azure platform, As you can see in the diagram that I have in the lower right corner. It's also important to note that they have some I P addresses that I reserved in every azure sub net, and those are the 1st 4 I p addresses on the last I p address off the submit.
So, for example, if I have a slash 21st up net,
the first assign able I P address would be the dot for 0.0.0 is the network address Did that one i p. Is there your get we address for that sub net that's too and got severe reserved on dot to 55 is also served.
Now let's look at public i p address in the nausea By the fault public I P addresses can be assigned on demand, and that can be a bit concerning from a security perspective, just because of the risk associate it would expose in veteran machines to the Internet without for port security checks.
Public I P addresses can either be I paid before or hyper V six or both.
We can create dynamic or static public I P addresses in Hajer for dynamic I P addresses. The value can change if the associated VM is de allocated.
The skew off a public I P address can either be basic or standard basic. I P addresses are not zone redundant, and what that means is that they can only be assigned boudin. It did a center in the region, while stand that I p addresses as own redundant, which means that it can be assigned across data centers in the region.
Now to our demonstration.
Yeah, the tasks that were going to be completing fast will create a dynamic public I p resource in Hajer would ever assigned the public i p resource to a VM network interface. And that will be the same Veum that would deployed Ellie and finally will verify what we've done by connecting to a VM from the Internet
using the public i p.
So the first task will create a dynamic public i p resource in hasher. Yes, a visual representation off what are between already have the VM that were created from the earlier lesson. I would just create a public i p resource that we're gonna be associated with it. So I am in the azure Pato.
If I go ahead and click on, create a resource and I said for public i p I can see public I p address here. Now go ahead and click on that and I'll click on create
Now you can see I can specify high people for hyper physics are both. I'll just leave that us i p Before now leave This Q has basic
now for the high p address name. I'll give that Dio win. VM
I fan p i p for public i p
for the i p address assignment, I'll leave that as dynamic
for the DNS name. I'll just copy the deal win VM name.
So that way I can also get so the high P addresses in this DNS name
for the results group outside lights the result school that I put all the previous resources
and for the location, the I p has to be in the same location as the resource that you're gonna be assigning it to. So I'll leave that in UK Self on our guide and click on Create.
So there you go the high PR dress finished creating. If I click on go to the results Now you can see the high p resource.
So in the nice task our be a sign in the public eye P results to a VM network interface
And here's a visual representation of what? RB Dean,
how go to the i p conflagration section off the veteran Mission Network interface on our associates the public I p address there.
So now I'm back in the azure Pato
what? I'll do is I'll go to veteran machines on the left hand side.
Now in the virtual mission console,
I can click on my virtual machine and I can click on Network In
and the networking section. I can see the network in the face off my VM. There's if I click on the network interface,
I have I p configurations. If I go ahead and click on that
and I have the I P Conflict Day, so I'll click on that option.
You can see where I can associate the public I p address, which this network interface. If I go ahead and click on associate
How click on I p address our selects the I. P address that I created earlier, which is the deal win VM hyphen. People are click on that
and I wired and click on Safe,
so the I P address was assigned successfully. And if I click on the notification option here,
you can see that it says it saved the natural interface.
So, in the final task in this demonstration,
have been connecting to the veteran machine using the public I p. Resource that would create a just now.
So he has official representation off what are between
since we're not having in this rock restrictions Dr Vetra Machine or to our sub net,
any Internet users should be able to reach my veteran machines using Rdp. Andi. They'll still be from there for authentication, But network access was to walk, and it gets the prompt, in which case there needs toe enter another indication. So let's go test their house
Some back in the azure portal if I go ahead and click on virtual machines
on If I click on my virtual machine Hey
on If I school a little bit to divide, you can see the public i p assignment states if a great and copy that
are being up much text up on my machine.
Andi, I have remotes text up client here. If I go ahead and enter that in
and I click can connect.
Now, I'm from thing to enter a user name and password. So great and enter that
on defy. Go ahead and click yesterday at
and there we go. So now I'm connecting to my veteran machine using the public I p results that we created just now.
So here's a summary of what we covered in this lesson.
We started out with a brief discussion off Private I. P addressing in agile virtual networks
would have followed with a discussion on public i. P addressing and finally would demonstrated our to create and assign a public i p address to a VM network interface in Hajer.
Thanks very much for watching this video and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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