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Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lesson 3.1. Off monetary off, this car stated, is that treats everyone Microsoft Azure, Actiq design.
So he had learning objectives for this video.
We'll start by covering sequel options in Hangzhou so that we're familiar with a range of options that are available for migrating or implementing secret workloads. In Hasher,
we'll cover some considerations that will help us to choose the right option for our use case.
We'll go over. I just seek war deployment models off single database on elastic pole.
We'll cover the logical construct referred to as azure sea course ever, and what it does
we'll cover. I just recall petition models and service years, which determines who were painful and I would pay for the service.
And finally, we make a mention off. Other as revelation out database options.
Let's get into this.
Let's talk about sequel options in Asia.
If you look into the place equal in hasher there, two men categories that are available to us.
The first category is infrastructure as a service. Second category is platform as a service,
Hajnal infrastructure, the service category. That's something that many of us already used to
it's sick, well installed on a virtual machine.
That means we have operating system level access on. We have full application control.
The good feeling Hajer is that we did not need to do the deployment from scratch by ourselves, their templates that are available in hasher or images that I've really been hasher tohave sequel preinstalled on them so we could simply deployed those images on will hand up with the virtual machine.
The has sequel in Stopped,
then honor the platform of the service category. We have two options. We have the I Just sequel database option on as just a quote database. It shares a common court based with the latest tabled vision Off Sequel seven and actually most of the standard sickle language. The query processing
database management features identical
in just a quote database. Now I want you to notice I said most. I didn't say ho so not all of the features I've labeled, but most of them are available,
but with that loss of features, we against certain capabilities also. So, for example, we do not have to manage the operating system. We don't have to manage the application itself. Physical application in terms of patching and actually a lot off the other operational components, like backup. Also taking care off to an extent.
The other option. That we have something called as just sequel managed instances, which is something that actually very similar to the functionalities. Our capabilities off sick well on a virtual machine or secret on the physical machine. The only exception there. The audio on the differences. We have
those platform as a service benefit, so it's sort of like the best of both. What
we get the benefit off platform of the service in terms off managed service database of service.
But we also gets the benefits that, in terms of feature said it very close to sequel. Sever on a virtual machine.
Now, when it comes to choosing the right option for you or for your application, it really depends on where you're looking to do so. For example, secret on the veteran mission. You have full control of the sick or seven engine,
so that is great. So if you're deploying an application that where you need for control of the course of the engine, you probably want to go for that option because you do not have full control.
In the other scenarios, you have different degrees off control but not full control. When it comes to sickle manage instance. If you're gonna be involved in a lift and shift scenario, you're gonna be left in Annapolis if sickos ever that existed on premises on the veteran machine
and you're looking to transition into that platform. Other service
did a bit of a service model to get some of those benefits off. Butin backups and beauty and passion and recovery
I just called Managed instance is a good one for you, cause the feature said, as I mentioned, is very, very close
to normal sickos ever. That's under your control. It also running the letter stable database engine off sick. Whoa, it got private I P address within a Najar virtual network. So it's great. It's the best of both worlds. One of the things I really want to call out is that
they're seven features that I've really been a Jessica managed instance that are not available in as your sequel database.
So, for example, support for common language one time Cielo and changed it to capture those capabilities and novel. When I just sequel. But if you need those capabilities, they have a Libyan. I just sicko database plot. It's a plot from other service. When it comes to adjust sequel database,
the most commonly used sicko set of features are available in it.
So it's got those platform of the severance benefits, like building backups, patching and recovery. It's running the letter staple vision off sequel, and it's got, like all those other advantages that that's already beauty into that
in terms of limitations.
So we also have to pay attention to today's pay attention. Today's so when it comes to secrets have on the veteran machine, what you're saying is you're gonna be taken on the operation A walk it off, managing your own backup and your patches, and you're gonna be taking on
Ah yeah, that that responsibility off implementing I Havel ability by yourself, and you have to manage old all those downtime and fell over
with whatever technology or whatever process that you want to use to manage that. But that's on you to manage that when it comes to adjust sequel managed instance,
even though it's very close to the feature sets that you have in six or seven and virtual missionary physical machine. There still some features that are not available, so be aware of yet. So also, compatibility with circus ever vision can be achieved
only by using data base level database compatibility. So you have to update that using anti sequel sensually, or you have to manage that
we get to adjust to quote database migration from sickos ever might be very difficult. So they're setting functionalities off features that if you're using them on your on your sickle, sever on premises at the moment, that may be difficult to move over towards your sequel if those features are not available.
So, for example, I mentioned
CLR earlier. Riken Common language. One time that's no supported without your sequel database. So no guaranteed exact maintenance time. So it's It's nearly transparent. Private I P addresses cannot be assigned. You can lock it down in terms of firewalls and making it available to only a virtual network.
But it doesn't have that.
That's private feud to his weights, its living within a virtual network that's isolated from everything else.
Let's talk about I just sequel deployment models. Now they're two men deployment models for just recorded a base. There's the single instance deployment model
on what this means is it's database with its own set off isolated recesses. In other words, the computer results destroyed yourselves. It's isolated. Tow this instance,
and then we have the elastic pool
deployment model where a group of databases share the same set of resources. So in this case, I can say there's like four virtual costs on the amount of vitamin D and that all pulled together and shared by this disciple of databases so that
if one of them is not consuming and that's that resources,
the others can take advantage and use. That's
when we go to the Microsoft as your platform
to deploy on. I just record database one of the things that would need to create something called a logical sever. Now I want to take some time to explain this, because they can be a bit of confusion here. So where we talk about logical sever in hasher, I want you to think about it as an administrative container.
Do not think about just ecological sever
the same way you think of a several Witter resources with compute and starve age and memory That's no what we're referring to here. It's just a logical construct for administration, right? This is no way you specify or defined computer and any of those other stuff. This is not a place that you do that
now after you have your logical several, which is this administrative container,
which is where your name space comes, comes from. Brighton Network connectivity. That's where that comes from. Then you can deploy your sequel databases or your elastic pools within that logical administrative construct. Now you can mix and magic, and the place is called databases.
An elastic political actually Deploy C. Quote that the warehouses
we didn't know just ecological. Seven. Andi. It contains all of that.
So some more information about their Jessica Logical sever. It's the parent, resourceful databases. It hacks as a central administrative point for multiple, single or pulled data basis. So that's where you configure your log in too far war rules
your tread protection policies. You fell of a group to configure this on that logical
seven on that also where the name space comes from. So you address the name space that comes from the logical sever, and then you specify your in the video database or your elastic pool. That's that reciting in that.
Let's talk about purchasing models and service years also.
So when it comes to purchasing as you're sick, well, they're different options that we have. There's the DT you option, which sort of like the legacy option did he use to refer to as a database transaction unit. Software like this blend off CPU and memory and stoppage you.
This is not the model that you typically use going forward. You see one of the reasons for that.
The new approaches and model that we have is something called the V Corps Pictures in Model on. This is something that's very much similar to what we're familiar with, right? So you're defining virtual cause. The men differences between ditty years and because is that with ditty you
your skill computes, which is your higher and memory and stoppage together,
which is not something that's always great, right? The reason why that's no greatest. For example, let's say you're running out of computer sources in Utah had more compute what that, Mrs, that you're gonna in cure extra storage costs, whether you need it or not, But with vehicle. You have more control as to how you skill. You have more flexibility. You can decide to scale compute
different from scale in storage.
When it comes to this deployment models, they have different service tears, and the service stairs essentially defines the amount of resources are the specifications of the resources that will be available to you for detail. It has to be serviced. Yet the basic the standard on the premium
for V cause industry service tears, the general purples, the business critical and the iPod skill on dis provide varying levels off resources Thio Data basis.
One other thing that I want to highlight is that when it comes to virtual call model, it supports something called hybrid benefit. I breed. Benefit is where you can take your existence, sir. Course of our licenses on. Then you can get a discount for them in half so you can reuse your existing licenses because at the end of the day, it's just protocol, which is what sick or licenses are based on anyway.
On then. Also, we have this model called several s, which is going to be in preview, which is beauty per second on virtual cause you, so think about you're going to be paying per second if you're not using the database. If it's nine years, it can post database and then if request coming, it's gonna loads digital base. And then you're gonna carry on being Butte.
That's going to improve you in case you want to test that out.
Finally, let's talk about Let's make mention off the other volitional database options that are available in hasher. So we have a plot from a Service Progress sequel. We have plenty more to service my sequel. I'm platform as a service, Marry a D B
that's available on the other platform. So if you're bent, Marta watched using open source database engines.
Those options are also available. False. So that's where our hand this. Listen, I'll see you in the very next lesson. We're car carry on a conversation on Azure sequel on We'll talk about my great and data into as your secret
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