Azure SQL Data Migration

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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to Lesson 3.2 Off auditory off. This cost titled is the trees everyone make soft as your architect design.
Here the leading objectives for this video.
We'll start out by covering the tools that are available for assessing existence. Akhil What loads from migration to measure.
We'll also cover the tools that we can use for the actual migration.
Then we'll cover migration scenarios that are supported by the Azure Database Migration Service, which is what I'll be using in my demo.
Finally, we'll talk about the options off offline migration on online migration. When gives in the service, let's get into this.
Let's talk about my great and data from other different data sources into as your sequel database.
So, depending on which database that were coming from or which databases that sauce, we have different tools that are available for house to be able to do the assessment and then the migration. The assessment is very important in this case because it's when we did the assessments that way ableto uncover
database compatibility issues on feature parity issues that maybe could be blockers for migration scenario.
Not all databases can fit into our just sequel can be my greatest treasure sequel on not all databases can be My Greatest Toe Azure sequel managed incense without making any changes or any modifications. That's where the assessment comes it
So they're different tools that I've been able to help us, the painting on the scenario that we're working with. For example, if you look into my great sickos, ever try just sick Well, there's a to call the database migration assistant D M hey, on what is too can help us to do is get it can help us to check for database compatibility.
And that's gonna look at a database schemer is gonna hide into fight legacy syntax
that are still in use. So fixed, like si el ao non answer joints or even foul streams, which is not even supported on managed. Instance. It's gonna uncover. Where does he used on is gonna recommend different workarounds or traditions to us.
It's also going to check for friends like feature parity at a data base level. So if you're gonna, if you're using things like link service,
if you're using a society's packages, which Azure sequel does know supports this? Another service in Azure azure data factory that we're gonna talk about
if you're using e t. Our jobs. Your reason. Sequel. Several agents, jobs that one partial script, for example, that's most operation. I just sequel. So it's gonna uncover those and I light does to us and give us recommendations toe work around them.
One of the good things about Database Migration assistant is that the results can be uploaded into a service in Azure called as your migrates
for centralization. So that's going to give us a holistic view off a migration scenarios. As you know, my grades is a tool that can help with assessment of service and applications. But then we cannot up no the result from D M E in treasure migrate. So we get this holistic view across service applications and databases
from a single pin.
There's another tool called a sequel seven Migration Assistant, which has been around for a while, which can help in scenarios like my sequel and over co migration into as your sequel. It can help us with the assessment of this on Actually, both d m es and S S m. He can actually help
in setting migration cases, so it can actually do certain migration, even though
it's not the best way of the most recommended way to do. That recommendation is, do the assessment using the stools but into migration is in as your database migration service. There's Thea. Other to that list that there is a tool called database experimentation assistance. They can help us with assessment
when it comes to migration. The Savitz that's mainly recommended by Microsoft's Now it's a service and has your called as your database migration service, and this is the service that I'll be showing you in the demo.
So let's look more closer at the service.
So as our database migration service, it's a service in Azure that can help us in a migration scenarios from different database sauces into different database targets in hasher. So, for example, on the left hand side you can see a list of different sources
supported by Azure database migration service.
On at the top, you can see a list off different database Ty gets in azure that are supported by the same service. So, for example, let's look at some of the scenario.
If you look into my great data into, I just stick out database as your little bit migration service can help us. To my great data from Sequels ever aws equal and over echo into as your sequel database. If we look into my grits data into as your sequel databases manage instance, it's the same cases for sequel server.
It will be a sequel and over cool
if we look into my great day tryinto sake. Whoa, that's running on as your virtual machine sickos ever and articulate supported.
If we look, look into my great in charge of Cosmos Debbie, and there'll be more on this later, it can help us to migrate from Mongo. Debbie database into the Mongo Day be a P I off Jules Cosmos TB.
If we look into my great interest, your database for my sick well, it can help. What a post to migrate data from my sequel databases on Premises or AWS my sequel into as your database for my sake. Whoa! And then finally Frasier the tablets for possible sequel. It can help by taking data from over cool.
It'll be exposed *** equal or just
native progress equal on premises straight into as your database for my sequel.
When using the database migration service there. Two scenarios
Now we can do with a migration.
There's the offline migration scenario. And then there's the online migration scenario.
So one of the things that we hard to understand is that would online migration scenario that's only supported by the premium tier off the database Migration Service Database Migration Service has two T s two standards here. What a premium tier.
The premium says they only want to support online migration, so it's a portable, online and offline. Why stand at the only supports off line
now, in terms of the differences between them with offline migration application downtime begins when the migration starts. And maybe this is no idea for you. So, for example, when you're doing a migration, it's probably bad for business. If your website is down because you're migrating, your data over into are just sick well or into any other tie, get in hasher
*** them will not be something that's good for your reputation as a business
when it comes to online migration. On the other hand, online migration is gonna keep data synchronize between the source and the target as long as that the doubles migration service is running on, then this allows the migration to be done without downtime so that the minimum
downtime that we may have
will be will be actually just so the court over on when we're switching our connection strengths. But when Dear Mrs Run is just keeping that I in sync between the source and the target's databases.
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