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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to listen. 5.5 off Model five off this car stated, is that reserva one Microsoft as your architect design
here the objectives that will cover in this lesson.
We'll start by introducing the as your service fabric.
Well, then cover the implementation options for service fabric, be it stand alone as your service fabric or something called as your service. Fabric mesh, which is currently in preview,
finally will compare the different as your continent Austin options that we've discussed in this model on our help youto understand the best use cases for each of the option.
Let's get into this.
Why exactly is that just service fabric
had just service fabric is Microsoft Contin orchestrator for deploying micro service's across a closed off machines? Think about it as Microsoft version off communities. So a little bit of history here,
so communities did not always support Windows host and Windows containers on what that means is that if you in the Nets developer
in the days before we had the Net core, which ones across different platforms,
the options for modernizing your application to run on a continent orchestrated platform is service fabric.
It has supported Windows Host and Windows containers for a very long time, which is no surprise. It was beauty my Microsoft, for this reason
on. Also, for this reason, service per fabric actually powers many Microsoft Service is that includes as your sequel database as your cosmos TB katana. Michael's Off Power bi Hi Mike's off into non event hope on many Cora just Service's are actually Butte on service fabric.
Also a key difference station with service fabric. Is it strong focused on beauty in state, Full service is on state. Full service is like databases. Shopping carts cues on. Not just it. Let Micro service is
service. Fabric can also run everywhere, including on premises or in harsher on windows ever on Lenox, ever or even in other public cloud and vomit. Essentially, wherever you can deploy a windows ever or Lennox ever, you can deploy service fabric and nuts.
So here's some of the different options that we have off service fabric.
We have the standard option on the left hand side
on a summation. Alias service fabric allows for the creation off a service fabric cluster
on any veteran machine or computer that running windows ever or Lennox.
So this means that you're able to deploy and one service fabric applications in any environment where you have a set off windows ever or Lennox computers that are interconnected and that could be in a way. But then, in the middle we have the azure service fabric, which you can think about this as
sod off Jacques Kubernetes service. We get the benefit so you can think off service fabric standard loners, native communities where you're managing under point, everything by yourself.
I just have this fabric which, as a layer off simplification on top of that
on that's essentially what we get with as just service fabric would get the simplification off cluster management.
We get integration with agile features and services.
So where service fabric coordinates the on the line, I join infrastructure for operating system from network, including France, like upgrade and availability and reliability. So a lot of that is now being managed by the other platform itself. Also, we get all those killing using veteran mission skill set in Hodja,
which in on premises deployment scenarios we have tobe, you'd our another skill in feature or scare manually using the AP, I says service fabric Explosives for Skilling clusters, the final option that we have on the right hand side. It's one that's not currently generally available, yet it's still in preview. It's been in preview for quite a long time, actually.
So what I just have this fabric measure gives us is a full needs money to Michael Service's platform so you can think about this. A sawed off the A C I equal villain for service fabric. So
what is allows us to do is it allows us to be ableto provisional containerized walk load without even dealing with the infrastructure or talk another. What serverless containers on the man similar to a C. I
on actually the price in four as your service fabric mesh is in line with that off as your container instances, which means we pay for memory consumed per second on we pay for city you consumed per second.
I want to round up this contain a civilised it theoretical side of things by giving US summary off the azure container host in options on dhe when you make this side to use one option of of the order. So, for example, if your goal is to simplify the deployment and management and operations off opportunities
in other watching needed a
orchestration capabilities that kubernetes provides. But you don't want to get yourself involved in managing communities on a day to day business as your company. The service is. It's definitely the option for you
if what you want to do is to create powerful cloud applications for Web on mobile applications, especially if you want to take advantage of those rich feature on function. Eighties off as 1/2 service, so things like certificates manage ment and deployments. Lot
up service is the option for you.
If you want to easily run continents on, Hija would doubt managing several. Just want to deploy simple container either just a simple task or too quickly complete some workload. Continent instances. This the option that you want
if what you want to do is the cloud scale job shadowing and compute management in other world, I powered compute scenarios as your back service.
If you want to develop Micro service is on orchestrate containers on Windows on Lee Knox service fabric is good because it actually has that deep integration again with the Microsoft Ecosystem Communities also does these days. Bob Michaels service is as a lot of ground when it comes to support in Windows
host and Windows containers
and finally to store and manage contain images across all types of has your deployment. Continent registry is the service for you.
This brings me to the hand off this lesson. Thanks very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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