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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to Lesson 3.8. Off monetary off this constituted is that reserva one Microsoft Azure architect design.
Here are the objectives that will cover in this lesson.
We'll start by introducing some technologies that we need to understand before we discuss as your readies cash what Temple sits to introduce as already Scotch. Where exactly is the service and what does? The Savage, too,
wouldn't cover as your videos Cash from a standpoint, off how the service works and how we use it with the application.
Finally woke over some design decisions off as you read this cash. Let's get into this
before we start talking about Azure vadis cash. One of the things that I found out is there seven concepts that people need to understand.
For example, the concept off in memory cache in now caution is a concept that has been around a nightie for a very long time. Toe cache data simply means to start a data in memory or the started data in faster storage, so we can access it more quicker
on. For example, when we talk about them, the random access memory that our computers use in some sense, that is a cash for our hard disk, our SST, so the data can be moved closer to disappear. You, Toby access at a faster pace,
also, like Delia tree cash that our processes have. That, for example, is a cash for our random access memory to them. So discussion has been a concept that's being a nightie for a very long time. When we talk about in memory cache in, it simply means we're starving data in memory in other water now ma'am
in a non complex fashion.
Also, there's a case that can be called distributed Kashin, where our cash can spend multiple machines on. This can help for scalability and I availability
on. Example of that is Netflix Net. Netflix uses Evie Touch, which is built on top off the popular caution solution called ma'am Cash, which helps to start the user movie recommendations that users see on the screen when they're using Netflix.
Then we have in memory database on in memory, database it as all the features and capabilities off in memory cache in plus, it can do some more advanced processing and queer in. So, for example, we can query for things like the last and I times that were accessed
in memory database, similar to in memory. Cation can also span multiple machines,
and that is again that's distributed cash in.
So where does readies comes in? In all of this, that is force under the category, often in memory database on what this means is readies stars of a database in memory. On this makes. It's different from database applications like
Poskus Equal or even Mike's Off sequel,
which many stars data on the disc. So let's introduce Azure readies Cash
as you already Scotch is a full it manage vision off the popular open source readies cash on. It also offers a I degree off compatibility, which that, for example, if your application uses readies,
it will work. The weight is with azure. Cash already is also a job readies cash at its core. It backed by the open source, ready seven on it negatively support. It's did a structure that date supports
Aseritis catch off our streets. Years of service
as the basic tier, which is a single note, which is not great fire availability, their force trying to stay away from that. When you're talking about production workloads,
it has the standards here, which offers to note in a master replica configuration on it provides 99.9 i p sent availability s early. That's the sort of distributed cashing that we talked about earlier.
Then we have the premium tier, which is enterprise ready. It has the best performance as 99.99% availability. S l A. Also but eyeless callable, it can scare living across regions.
So how does a job it is cash work, for example. On the screen we have a web here and we have a back end tear we dated here That's using adjusts. Equal force Really needs to do is we need to create our azure readies cash instance and we'll get an endpoint name on the key.
Well, then it's a configure. Our application court to use readies cash
where publications have cashed configuration settings on. We can change this cash configuration setting to make you soft readies as a cash.
Now it also the paint on our application. And now we've configured it when it's going to be accessing data from the cash vessels when it's gonna be accessing data from the back and database in other words, we determine this within our application
on. We can also configure our frequently access data is copied from the back. And did the store tow? Azure readies cash?
Let's conclude by looking at some design considerations off Jules readies cash.
So let's talk about scalability fast so we can easily skin up and scared down within the same here
on. We can do that without any sevens downtime
when it comes to security. As your cash already support industry stand that SSL on this have to secure our data in transit.
Davis started Rest. Also uses are just average disc encryption.
When we implement the premium tier off as your cash for readies,
we have the option off place in these within how on virtual network so that we can for every street traffic to our from our cash
when it comes to performance. We mentioned earlier that, as your cash already is achieve superior to put on Layton's it because data I started memory instead off on disk.
And what is Mrs that it can consistently save redone right request with single digits millisecond on this can help to greatly improve the performance off our Web applications it brings me to the hand off this lesson. Thanks very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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