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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians were come to lessen 5.1 off Model five off this car stated, is that Reserva one Microsoft Azure Actiq design.
Here are the objectives that will cover in this video.
We'll start by introducing as your content of registry and why exactly the service provides
would end this cost for the concepts off the service.
I'll show you some nice visualization off our the service walks and how it does what it does
would discuss tax and visioning.
We'll talk about the difference cues that are available and finally would talk about pricing for the service, not get into this. Let's this cause as your container registry.
So and as your content of registry is a private duck of registry where we can start and manage a private dock, a continent images
and is a way to understand the propose off the service is to refer to the popular Dr Hope Service.
I referred to here as Get up for Containers,
and Dr Hub is a content of registry that supports open source community and sad assed a general catalog off images.
But we're talking about private organization.
We probably don't want to be pulling down our container images that we just saw production workloads from a public registry like Tucker Hope
most likely we want toe host approved continent images for organizations privately, this is one of the use cases off a See how
yes they are also has beauty and integration with many. Service is the advance containers in Hajer, so that we can easily deploy continent images to such service is
also the 1,000,000,000 option. For a CR is flexible,
it supports daily 1,000,000,000 on their difference cues that we can select on. We'll talk about that later. In this lesson.
Let's look at two Important A CR concepts. The 1st 1 is around supported content for months. In addition to container. Image is the azure content of registry can store a wide range off other artifacts. Die includes Dr Compatible continent images. That's no surprise.
It also includes any
image that supports the open continent initiative specifications.
It also covers all C I distribution. Specify e art effects on Guy that extends to fence like our docker composed manifest fouls. Yes, there can also hosts M chats, so M charges a packaging format that he used to quickly manage and deploy applications for communities
on is a way to understand M Chad
is, if you understand applications like a pity on Lennox or Young, so this applications can be used to easily download on deploy applications. On Lenox is the same thing with M chat. It helps us to be able to easily download on deploy applications for communities,
and the concept that I want to cover is a concept off Web book. So is they are supports the use off Web books to trigger event.
When said an action stick place in one of our registry repositories actually were books can respond to events at the registry level. We can even scoped them down to a specific depository. Tak,
let's look at our we walk with a CIA. The first thing that we need to do is to create a continent registry, and we can do this with your Jap Otto with Ahjussi Ally or with Azure Pasha. We can then use the darker commands to push our continent images into the registry.
We can then deploy our images that are start in S E. How to service is that can run continent images. The service's will pull down on run the images from a CIA. Let talk about takes and vision and very quickly
when pushing continent images toe as your content of registry,
we need a strategy for visioning
on image. Duggan is an option toe, actually vision in off our images.
So when we create that image,
we can have a tag in the format off a column on dhe on Identify rhe after the image name like war you see on your screen. I have the image name as front and I have a column, and I have the identify it, too
on. We can then use this to storm multiple visions off the same image in a CIA,
which we can then reference both the image name on the tag in a deployment to pull down division of the image that we want to deploy
when we create a registry, when needs to specify sq, and I'll share with you very quickly. The differences between the available skews that we have for a CIA the false Q is the basics. Q.
It has similar functionalities as a stunt that skew, so there's no difference. It functionality between them.
So the men differentiator between the basic understand sq is around scale and performance. So, for example, the amount off included stoppages less in basic. It's about 1000 read operations per minutes. 100 right operations per minute
teddy megabits per second. Download bandwidth on 10 megabits per second op with bandits.
If we look at it standard, it's the same from Trinity's, Like what I mentioned by it as more skill than basic. So if you look at the amount off, including storage, that's 10 times more. If you look at the amount off read operations that's three times more the amount of right oppressions that's five times more on DDE.
That's 60 megabits per second. Download bandwidth and trying to make a bit for second offload banned witch.
Then we have the premiums. So the premium skiers, this cute that actually has functionalities that differs from the order to
So, for example, function. It is like job application and content Trusts
is only supported for the premium skew,
and also it has more skilled understand that skew, so its support more included storage morbid operations per minute. It's vital patients per minute upload and download bandwidth
in terms off pricing. We mentioned earlier that we can pay per day in terms of the flexibility of the pricing, and you can see what the pricing costs over there.
Also, when he comes to do your application, be aware that if we're neighbor job application for the premium skew a see how essentially doubles the cost, we can repaint the cause for premium skew in the region that we're replicating into. Also, if we need to get additional storage, we can pay for additional storage.
Dig it, beat
a day.
It's also important to note that whenever we're doing things like your application or whenever we're pulling down our images, be aware that network bandwidth costs in Azure applies. In other words, when Data's transplant transferred outside off azure or did I've been transferred
outside of veg Internal division?
Yes, it in nettle band with costs the applies to bats.
It brings me to the hand off this lesson. Thanks, right. But for watching and I'll see you in the next lesson
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