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Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lessen 5.2 off money. Five off this constituted. Is that Reserva one Microsoft Azure Arctic Design.
Here are the objectives that will cover in this video.
We'll start by talking about container options in hasher. So just a general awareness off the different options that we have when we're thinking about Austin. Containerized applications
wouldn't cover an introduction off as your continent. Instances
would discuss the use cases off a C. Hi.
We'll talk about advanced features and functionalities off the service,
and finally, we cover some limitations off the service. What a C I cannot still on where you need to consider other container Austin options in Azure Let's start by talking about Contin options in azure
hash. You may have noticed how Juries unopened clouded offers multiple choices for Children the same end result,
which means that you can achieve the same thing in multiple ways and with different surfaces.
This is especially true for content advised application scenarios.
For example, we have the following service is in a job that allows us to run continent sized applications.
We have the edge or contain any instances.
We have a joke, a bonnet a service.
We havejust service fabric.
We have the half service,
we have the Boche service,
and we have the edge of function. Hap now a service may provide functionalities that may not be available in other service is on for this model or focus on the options that we need to know for the ISA divisible one exam, which are there, Joe Container instances are Jakub Anita Service
service for big
on a little bit off as perhaps Ivy's one in content of ized applications.
Let's look at Jacques Contin instances,
so I joke on tonight. Instances offer the fastest and simplest way to run a container in hasher without having to manage any virtual machines on we don't have in tow. The ploy Communities closest
was simply present a continent image to the service, and it runs it. It's a simple as that
think about a C high as a several ISS container on demand service
so we can focus on developing our continents. No worrying about the underlying infrastructure
it supports Michael been in, which means will pay based on CPU and memory consumed,
which is built by the second so that we can find soon spending based on actual need. Also, as your continent, instances enables us to expose our continents directly to the Internet with an Internet writable public i p address on a fully qualified domain name.
It also supports integration with other At your service is like as your container registry that would discuss Elia in this model on a jock community service that will discuss later in this model will have tried to be talking more about the integration with a K has in a a chaos lesson.
Let's look at some of the use cases for your continue instances,
Jacques Montaigne instances is a great solution for scenarios that can operate in isolated containers. That's that's a big thing to emphasize scenarios that can operate an isolated continents. So there's include simple applications like applications that the processing task, automation or even beauty jobs.
It's also good for scenarios like event driven application scenarios where want to run a container based on an events to complete a few activities.
It also has a good years case for elastic busting for work loads that are running on as your community service will look into this a bit more.
Here's a sample of architecture, where, as your continent instances is implemented as a front end on also in the back end. So front and application it's running in azure container instance, and that cabin tree gets by an agent to be request from the customer.
There's also a content wise application posted on a C I in the back end
that can be triggered. Banners. Your function and the application itself can interact with God as your service is like cosmos D B.
Let's look at some of the advanced features off Has Your Continent instance
ajoke? Montana instance supports the shuttling off multi continent groups they're called. So what that essentially means is that the containers share a ghost machine. Local network started on life cycle.
So what this does is it enables us to combine our men application container,
which order support invoke continents. It also supports the managing off state with azure foul service is what is miss is if we're run Instead, full containers in a C hi we can retrieve and Percy states directly in azure fascia, which is mounted and made available to our continous
as your continent. Instance, also as integration to deploy images directly from as your continent registry.
They're some of the limitations off The A C I service mentioned is a little bit earlier. We mentioned that this is optimized for single containerized toe workload
for a C. I is not an orchestrator. It's a service that can be used to easily the play containers so it doesn't have traditional orchestrate. The functionality is like Zero Time off Great, which allows us to be able to do coordinated application upgrades on avoid an application
downtime on even a nibble in row back if something goes wrong. That functionality
is no supported with a C I. So Service's off functionality is like sevens discovery, where containers can look at each order automatically even if they move between host. And even if they change I P addresses. That's also not supported.
So features like integrated load balancing auto scaling, where container instances can be headed or removed to match the demand of the walker that's coming in. That's not supported with a C. I.
So for scenarios where we need full Contin orchestration, it is recommended that we use as your kubernetes service a ks, so that being said, we'll talk about our air sea high can be used by heart of service is that has full orchestration capabilities like a K hairs.
I will talk about that in a lesson on a ks.
This brings me to the hand off this lesson. Thanks very much for watching and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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