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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to this demonstration on anxiety Password protection.
This lesson is part off the second model off the Is it 500 Microsoft Azure security technologies. CASS,
Some quick information on the task that I'll be showing you in this demonstration.
How Started by reviewing a joy, the licensing to verify the password protection functionalities that were licensed for
how then show you out to enable and confidante the custom band pass what list? Functionality off password protection
and finally, very fighter. That configuration is applied when users attempt to set band pass. What? Let's get into this.
So in this very fast, ask out reviewing as your Haiti licensing.
So here I am in the azure 80 pato
If I click on Azure Active directory and on the left hand side, if I scroll down and click on licenses
on under licences, I can click on life since features This gives me a least off the different features off azure Haiti on it also lets me know if I'm licensed for them.
So I currently have a license plan off 80 premium P two. So I should pretty much have the license for all the functionalities in the such option here I can future help for password protection,
and that's going to give me a list of the password protection functionalities, and I can see that I'm license to use all of them. One of the things that you may see that's missing here is much lockout on. The reason for that is because this is available toe every year
off Azure 80 license in its the same thing with the Global Ban Pass published. However, if we have a premium p one and above licensing their hasam customization is that we can do for smart. Look out. So in this next task,
how being nibbling and configuring the custom band passed what list? And I'll be Harding the World Super Clouds.
So band pass. What least for my organization Now the organization of them using the men name is superclusters, X y Z. So that makes sense that something that many organizations wants to do is to ban the users from using the name of the organization as part of their passwords.
So here I am, back in the azure Pato
on the left hand side. If I scroll down and click on Security
on Under security. If I click on authentication methods and I have password protection here,
if I go ahead and click on password protection, I have the option to do some customization for the smart look out which won't be doing now.
I also have the option to enable the costume ban password least on also to enable integration with Windows seven. Active Directory.
For now, the only thing I want to do is tow enable The custom band passed what list If I go ahead and click yesterday at
and for the past words that I want to hard to the band least our hard super Clouds.
And once I've added that, I can quiet and click Safety that
so in the next task are between you out. Verify Custom band passed what? Least I just had it support clouds toe the banned list on. I'm gonna verify that if a user tries to set a convenient off super clouds like that
and this, they're going to get an ever message similar to what you have on the screen, you're saying this past what has been seen too many times before and prompting them to select another password. One of the fees I want you to note here is that even though I only said Super Clouds as you're ready,
actually go tree process off chocolates and different equivalent off the band password
that I've entered
on, it's not going to allow users to use different equivalence of that are, put a supplementary link later that will tell you how all those information is calculated. So back in the azure portal now, what I'll do is if I go back to underage i e. D.
And if I go on, the users have a user here called Brender for and Fight Click on the user. I can click on this set. Pass what?
And I always starts the password for this user. I'll copy the temporary password into a text file that I have already here,
so let's puts that down here. What I also have is I have a private browser where I'm going to be signing in us, Brenda. So let's do that
on our cooperative 10 private pass. What,
and I'll go to next and I put in the temporary password. Now if I entered a temporary passport there in again, what I will try to do now is try to use disc equivalent off super clouds
on vitally consigning
vendor is now getting an error message that says this past what has been seen too many times before. Well, what do is will try to set another password equivalent off Super Clouds just a pending wanted three and changing a few characters. Let's if Brenda is able to use that.
If I click sign into that
when I was getting on ever message to say she cannot use this password.
So now let's go set a view complex password
on a lightly consigning to that
now that accept it.
Chris question here for you.
If I had contact so and fat, we came to the custom band Pass. What least in Azure Lady Password Protection,
which passed watch will be rejected for azure Haiti uses. Select all that apply.
If you selected all the options, you would be correct. So how this options will be rejected if a user tries to use them?
I have added a supplementary link here that goes into a lot of details on our passwords are evaluated on a different equivalence of passwords that would be blocked based on the custom band password least that you've configured. So here's what we covered in this demonstration.
We started by reviewing azure headed license features to verify the password protection functionalities that we're license for.
Well, then configure The costume ban passed would lead functionality off password protection and finally verified that are configuration applies.
Thanks very much for watching on. I'll see you in the next lesson.
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