Azure AD Overview Part 2

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Hello, Siberians. Welcome to listen. 1.2 off, Muddy, one off. This is that to visual one, CASS,
this lesson is a continuation off the previous lesson.
So we'll pick up from where we stopped in the last video and we start talking about as your 80 additions.
So what additions do we have, or what options do we have
if you want studies and agile Haiti?
He had the men options that we have
before July 2019. If we're talking about different as you're 80 addition to the available, you have the options that I have on the screen. So we have a free edition basic addition off a straight 65 absolution premium P one on premium P, two additions.
But after July 2000 and 19 the basic addition is going away,
right? So makes off the beginning to remove it from all the documentation. Actually, there's an announcement from one off Mike's off. Senior vice president on identity. The way talks about as your lady basic. It's going away. It's very, very similar to our the office Straight stick. Five APS option. So before now, Basic is going away. Just be aware of that going forward?
So what about this additions? What? Sort of like the use cases between them.
So the free addition. If you go to sign up for an azure subscription today, you're gonna get uneducated. Tenant has created in the background for you, and you're gonna be getting a Nigel 83 addition. It completely just descriptions. It meant that that sort of like an introduction to what age? I e d he So it doesn't have a lot off the advance
enterprise type
capabilities. Bite by bite. A good introduction to as your lady functionalities.
Then we have the office. 365 Abbs, edition of Azure Lady. So if you go to sign up for Microsoft Office 365 subscription, I mentioned that you're going to get a nauseated tenant create under the back end.
The addition you get is the office. 365 abs Addition. It was very similar in functionality Toe for my basic addition. That's not going away.
So it has limited fits like limited support for cloud on leam artifact. What indication capabilities to allow you to be able to use them. I faII for your users that I use in office 365 But it does not give you sort of like the advance security and and the price capabilities that p one on Peter provides to you.
By the same time, it's not us
plane on basic like the free addition.
Then we have the A jury 80 premium P one addition, which you can either patches individually as a standalone Haddon or you can purchase as part off the enterprise. Mobility Sweets are the Microsoft tourist 65 Bundles and any of those bundles. If you go for the tree addition, I believe
comes with Azure 80 premium P one,
and it provides you with more functionalities offerings like conditional Access Self service Password reset. It gets that with JD Premium P one.
And then finally, there's the as Grady Premium Peter, which includes every feature that, as your A D. Has on DI, includes things like identity protection, identity, governance and privilege, identity management access reviews. And we'll look at some off this just a little bit when we start talking about architectural decisions.
why are we talking about it? It's very important if you're planning to take these toe, understand the differences and capabilities between this. Actually, the additions, your model, you're very likely to get questions when it comes to that.
Let's do a quick comparison, and I'm not going to go through all of this one by one. I'm just gonna point out some important differences to you
between this additions so you can see the pricing and right at the very top.
And when it comes to directory objective, notice that the free edition as a 500,000 object limits in terms of the number of objects that you can have.
We didn't that lady tenants. Where has all the other additions have no object limits.
So when it comes to Azure Eddie, connect with talk talk about a jar 80. I breed identity in the very next lesson of this model,
and this will make more sense to you. But I traded Connect is supported for all of this additions.
The other thing I want to highlight is when it comes to M F E M F A. Is available
toe all the additions for global administrators. So if you have a user that's a global administrator in majority, they can use Emma faII for free.
Remember that that is only referring to global administrators. That's not referring to normal uses in as your 80.
So moving on. You can say that when we start talking about M F A for normal uses that's available enough off the street. 65 premium P one and premium Peter
on. When we start talking about things like s early, there's no S l A. For free addition. That s L. A. For the other additions.
Now, when we start talking about functionality is like self service password resets. That's only available for the premium additions off a straight 65 addition doesn't have this sort of capabilities
on when we talk about things like the Brady Connect Elf, which helps you to monitor your identity. Infrastructure service is on premises provided the extra functionality that's only available for premium P one and premium P to eight dishes.
And when it comes to things like conditional access that's only available for premium P one on premium pizza edition.
So when we talk about what specific toe premium p two
that special gala, referring to advanced security protections, offerings like identity protection, from where you can see on identity governance features on that's talking about things like privileged identity management risks, based conditional access policies, access reviews and entitlement management, which is currently
in preview.
So let's talk about this service called Zhou A. D. D. S as your 80 DeMent's service's.
I'm gonna start by explaining the savage to you just in this scenario.
So take, for example, the scenario where you have an organization
that, as on Lee, the azure cloud known premises infrastructure, and that is not something that's strange today. If you had a start up company today,
they may not have on on premises active directory infrastructure set up.
So this organization apples tohave an application on Athens toe happens. Toa have a need for an application that support on the cables and then tell him
now they have a jury 80 which supports this modern authentication protocols like Samuel um, open I D Connect and W S fed. But the applications that they have living in a virtual network within a sub net of a virtual networking nausea only supports capitals and anti Ellen.
What's what's the solution to this for this organization? Now they could quiet and beauty another virtual machine prom parties to a domain controller on, then go ahead and join the machines. That's the main
what they'll have to do. Going forward is there needs to maintain the operating system. Andrea. Lot of that maintenance that many organizations that cloud only don't want to get into scenarios like that. You don't want to manage infrastructure anymore.
That's where, as your a. D. D. S comes in,
one I've raided the associates is the service that you can deploy and it's gonna leave within one of your subject in one of your virtual networks in Asia
And what this service would dough.
It's that it's gonna be your relationship
wits your joy determent,
where it's going to synchronize your identities for my JD
to a joy D. D. S.
The good thing about this service is it provides domain controller capabilities. So it's about Cabarrus. It's about anti LF you can do on the main joint on their many other features that will see that you can do and I helped you with that situation. Plus, you don't have to deal with managing operating system or managing not great
for applications going forward.
So with that in mind, let's go talk about a J D. D s. And let's talk about some quick point about what the service provider it provides. Domain controller capabilities like the main join and group policy and l'd up and Cables and intel, um, with doubts, the overhead off having to manage domain controllers.
That's the advantage. Data's
number two. I showed you that in the alias Light's gonna synchronize resources from Madge I 80
to emulate active directory demand is gonna synchronize those identities straight into the azure a d d A. Service.
One thing that you should not is that you can only have one as your a d d A. Service pressure 80 tenant. You cannot have multiple Padre de Tenants.
You don't have one
on dhe this service as I availability beauty. Actually, if you look within the service White actually doing is it's setting up to dominate control us within that submits. So that's where the high availability comes in
bodies enough to manage them. So that's the great thing.
So with that in mind, let me talk to you about another scenario. Whereas you're a D D. A service can provide value,
so take this on the same Naevia
where you have your a d d s
created in within the subjects on its synchronizing identities from a joy d straight into, actually a tedious,
fun organization that already has on on premises 80 infrastructure.
What I could use is that could use a to like as your a d connects to synchronize identities from on premises 80
to Azure Haiti, specifically using the password ash synchronization option. When you're using that, we talk about this in the next lesson.
What this allows you to do is your synchronize identity form on premises 80 straight into a jury 80 on then, as you're a tedious synchronizes, those identities and their password ashes to itself that where you can join your virtual machine in hasher. So
that's the men and signing been able to authenticate with existent credentials on premises.
But the good finish. You don't need to have a VPN connection or express vote or express route. However you pronounce it enough to have that connection in place to be able to make that's to work.
So, functionalities. Let's talk about this. They can see the functionalities off what as your a. D. D. S provides it provides a manage service. It has Dennis capabilities domain during capabilities. Anti element Caballero's capitals Constraint allegation.
so it has all the capabilities are beauty into that? So the main thing that you notice is that it does not have the men or enterprise administrator privileges because again, this is a managed service.
some other features that it has so you can see that's custom or your structure group policy held up. Reed,
um, held up fight. The men feel that I want to point out in terms off limitations, you say that you cannot do skin my extension. You cannot go aided them in forest and trust. You cannot do dio distribute that deployment again. It's a managed service. Remember that.
So in summary, what did we discuss in this video?
We discussed what this
in summary. What did we discuss in this two part video set
what this costs. What has your lady is and what is Your lady is not.
We discussed the differences between azure Haiti and on premises 80
with this cost as your idea additions on the differences between them
And then we also discussed as you're ready d s on dhe, its use cases.
So hopefully this video has been in for mating for you
on Dhe. I'll see you in the next lesson will do it. Demonstration off a jury 80 on as your a. D. D. S.
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