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Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lesson 1.8. Off this car stated, is at risk for one Microsoft azure architect design.
So here's what we'll be covering in this demonstration.
So I'll start by showing you how to prepare on on premises active directory infrastructure for synchronization to azure Haiti using the idee fixe too.
Then I'll show you how to download and install the Azure 80 connects to
and then finally, I'll show you out of comfort guard. There's your 80 connect options for synchronizing your identities to Azure 80
as getting to these
So the phosgene Let me show you how to prepare on premises. Active directory infrastructure for synchronization Tries your Haiti using idee fixe.
So is the environment that I have. I haven't on premises environments. Where have
it? Domain controller called a D v m and I have a member Sever called Member Sever and I have some identities on premises. On On the right hand side, I have my azure 80 talent Super clouds of X y Z that I created in previous lessons off this cuss
on one out. Don't know if I'll go to my domain controller. The A D V M machine on dhe out. Go ahead and installed the download the idee fixe due to heat and run it against my own premises. Active directory.
So if I bring up
this is my own premises Active directory environment. You can see what the structure looks like.
You can see that I have,
Um just
on all you called argues is where have set and identities in that. Oh, you So what are these are being up Internet Explorer,
and I was just type in idee fixe download.
I was such an bink.
And one of the options that I'll have is the option to download and install the idee fixe too. So the very first option over here.
So if I click on that option that lets up the page
on dhe, I can click on download.
So that's gonna give me the option to save the foul sofa guide and click on Save,
and that's going to save it in my town goes forward. If I click on open folder, I should be able to see
that's this. If I grade on extracts,
is it foul?
And that's the two that I need. So what I'll do is have ice. Click on the two and I'll keep Inverness Administrator.
How quiet and accept the privacy statement.
Andi, you can see that it opens this application
so so violate the very top. Here. You have the query option now because I'm doing this on my domain controller and I'm locked in the crypt. Ensure that has permission to my axe. Active directory environment frankly, can query
it does the query against my own premises active directory infrastructure is in out, up
on dhe. It lets me know that I have certain uses where I've configured attributes that are invalid. So this attributes cannot be synchronized by July 80 on. I can quiet and fix them if I wanted to.
So what I'll go over here is it's can see that on the right hand side on the obvious column. It's given me,
um, suggestions off. What's to replace this invalid values on Whit?
So what? I can also the second modify the situation. So rather than using that, I can remove the option. So the suggestion feet well into what I really wanted to be.
So what's have config? It's the update section toe what I wanted to be. I can quiet on the action.
Andi Click on edits
So once I've done edit Fall of them. So what I can do second quiet and click on
Apply Over Here
says I show you wish to apply the updated values for great and click. Yes,
it goes ahead and changes everything to complete. So if I click on the query option again, it gets the literary. I can click on close,
but you can see that I'm no longer gets in.
And the
objects that identified to say they have incorrect values because they've now been fixed.
The next part of preparing my own premises. 80 infrastructure for synchronization to as Your Lady will be to ensure that the European suffix match for on premises and five variety. So in azure area, musing chipper clouds that X y Z on premises amusing on prime.
That's about clouds that X y Z.
What I want to ensure is that both so much so. That's my users of consistency across port environment.
What I'll do is if I go to several manager in fact, like untruth and I goto active directory demands and trust,
and I can right click on active directory domains and trust Coast on Go on the properties on I can specify in new European suffix in this case, super clouds
about X y Z on by quiet and add that on fact like apply to that end, right click. OK, so I've added that. But now I need to ensure
that's my users are using that European when they're signing it, because at the moment, they're still going to be using on time dot super clouds that X y Z and I want to change. That's two super cloud with X y Z
Now. I could do that individually, but I have a lot off users air. So because I have them in one or you, it makes it easier for me to use a greed to life active rescues and computers. But if you have your user spread across multiple whole years, within your environment is the partial scripts that you can download online that
make it very easy for youto do that tasks and just changed. You pian suffix for all your users using the partial scripts,
and I'll put the link
we didn't discuss.
So one out is how quiet and select on my users how quiet and go to properties.
Click on a town European suffix on. Then I just modified that
If I click on apply and I click. Okay, so that's applied it. Now I can verify by going toe one off my users and I can say that we're using Super Cloud Start X Y Z
The next part of the demo. I'll show you how to download and installed The Azure lady connects to
visual representation off one hour between is I have this member seven over here
on our be downloading and installing this two on this seven.
So let's quiet and do that now.
So in this case, I won't be using it. The men control. Are we going over to my member sever
on dhe on my members ever. I just needs to ensure that I have intended Internet Explorer in and security configuration disabled.
I can bring up Internet Explorer, and I can't just simply, such isn't in such engine for Azure
and the
connects download.
So that takes me to the one of the options that I get is the option to download makes off as active directory, connect
quiet and click on that option
it takes me to the download page and I can cry it and click on down
so you can see the download here for a grade and he can save.
So it finished downloading how? Click on the run.
The execution process begins off the installation process. So if a great and agree to the terms and conditions and click on continue.
So I'm not gonna be using express cities because I want to show you the different options that ivory labels are quiet and click on customize,
which I'll be able to do that afterwards. But for the initial installation, you can see that I have the option to
use an existence sequel. Sever.
So what's this tool is actually gonna This is gonna install secrets if I express
which as a maximum storage capability
off 10 gigabytes. So the recommendation is if the objects
in your active director infrastructure is less than 500,000 objects, you can quiet and use that, so that should be sufficient. But it's more than 500,000 objects. You probably wants to use the standard loan secrets ever. So in that case you can select the option.
This stool is also gonna set up set in service account and set in local groups on this local machine.
In which case, what I can do seconds customize those groups. I can use existing service accounts, but for now just lived at the fault
and I was just quiet and click on install
one of the things that you noticed I'm in the insulation is that setting obstacles of X Prize addition as I mentioned
something Installation complete head and now I can go to the con figuration.
Let's go back to the slights to see the next demo.
So in the next demo, I'll show you out. Oh, come figure as your 80 connect options
and give you a visual representation. I have the azure 80 connect to already installed.
I'll go ahead and configure synchronization between my own premises, active directory infrastructure on Azure 80
and I will cause the synchronization off my identity. Someone premises over to Azure 80.
That's quiet and see deaths.
Now that the installation off as your 80 connectors finish now it's time for configuration.
You can see the configuration options that we discussed in the last lesson for password ash synchronization. Pastoral indication Federation with either a. D. F s or pink Fed rate.
And you can also see this little tick box of a year to enable seeing assignment. So I talked about this a little bit in the past. Lesson. We're talked about being able to enable single sign if I'm isn't password a synchronization. Allow my users to be able to sign in once on premises on dhe used the same. I'm signing
to authenticate against cloud applications.
So you just simply select that option and it will allow you to configure that later.
So our guy it and live it us past What a synchronization from now on. But also good practice for Microsoft Makes off recommends that option are great and flick. Next. I need to put in an agile lady global that mean creating sure that's our weight. And put in David
at Super Clouds,
not X y Z, and I put in my password.
I cried and click Next.
It's gonna violate dates. That's
excellent. So was that validated? I can have my directory, so I'll go ahead and had my own premises directory. I'll need to put in an enterprise that mean credentials if I great and put on prime backslash
as they had me in and I'll put in my credentials.
I'm gonna click okay to that.
So it Valley did that. That's that's good for great and click next.
He can see that it's detective, that I have a very fine European saw fixed on matches promises. And as your lady, which is great,
I'll go ahead and use European suffix on our guy, and I will continue with doubts matching GP and suffix for the initial one that fine are quiet and click next.
So now what objects do I want to synchronize driver 80? Obviously not all objects that I have on premises need access to cloud applications if I have service account, so I may not want to synchronized. So in this case I can use things like directory based filtering or you based filtering.
So in this case, I would say, Do not synchronize everything. Just think a nice elected domains and or you
and I have all my users already organized into this. Oh, you called Augie's s are great. And to select everything and select on the orgies is
and I'll go ahead and just click next
on our go ahead and just click next in this other option.
So when it comes to future and yes, where we can do more fuel trained by specifying on the members of a particular group should be synchronized but our quiet and leave the option not configured, and I'll go ahead and click next
optional feature. So I showed you in the l E a lesson where you could years something like federation, but then use password as synchronization as kind of back. Oh, so let's say selected Federation of Passport Indication a earlier. This is where I can quiet and select password. That's inclination that allows me for that.
It's also something that you may want to do when you're transitioning from one option to another.
So if I go ahead and leave that So you said the option where we can configure password right back. If we're using self service, pass what we said on Beacon. Great. And they will pass What white back If he wants the option
I lived, the options are not great in just click next
on Dhe. It gives me the option to starts the synchronization process immediately. When the configuration completes our go ahead and leave that selected and go ahead and click in Stall
on Dhe. Then it begins the configuration process on at the hand of That's the synchronization is gonna commence to synchronize my identity's over one of the other freeze it. Also doing this is in studying majority connect out agents already on this mission. Also,
the configuration completed on the synchronization has been initiated. Also, I can go ahead and click on Exit
then if I go back to my makes off the job. Pato
on. If I click on as your active directory
and if I click on the uses,
I can see that it's synchronized my uses over to Azure 80. I can say that they have the same you PN right ship a cloud of X y z, which have also configured them to use that on premises. I can see this sauce as windows have a Haiti,
which is great on dhe. The credential that using for the synchronization is a credential court on prime on premises director synchronization. So that's the credential right using. So that's essentially
I'm the process off configuring azure 80 connect
and some re here. The items are recovered in this demonstration
who started by scene out of pee pee on premises directory for synchronization to azure 80 using the idee fixe too. But I also went ahead and showed you out to ensure that the European suffix matches
then went ahead and downloaded on installed as your lady, connect on a member. Sever that strange to have our own premises active directory to men
and then finally assured the outer configuration as your a d connect options on to make sure that the synchronization is working.
So that concludes this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson will begin to talk about architectural decisions for as you're 80.
Thank you.
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