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8 hours 33 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to this demonstration on Azure 80 Connect.
This lesson is part of the second Madu off the Is that 500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies casts some quick information on the tasks that are pressuring you in this demonstration.
So start out by reviewing the environments that I'll be using for the task. How don't show you how to download on installed The Azure 80 connects to how then review some Adger 80 connect options before finally configuring the password as synchronization option. Let's get into this
so the first task will be reviewing the environments that I'll be using for the demonstration has a visual representation off my current environment. I haven't azure a D tenant called Super Clouds that X Y Z on This is the same tenant that I use for previous demonstrations. This tenant currently has four years is
I also have a domain controller that is running on premises. The domain is called Super Clouds that X y Z, and it has an organization unit called Ogg uses
on their to users. Within that organization unit, the go bitter synchronized this users toe azure Haiti isn't the majority connects to, so let's go check this out. So I'm here in the as your pato
on. If I click on Azure Active directory on, If I go on the uses,
you can see the current uses that I have. It's important to point how that at least one of the users should be a global administrator because we're needs to supply credential of a global administrator driving a configuration off at Grady. Connect on This is the domain controller
that how being studied, lacerated, Connect on.
If I goto active directory users and computers, you can see that as a no You called argues is, And within that I have. My two years is called Bradley and Jamie. In the next task, I'll be showing you out of download on Installed The Azure Haiti connects to Let's get into this
yes, a visual representation. Often what I'll be doing. How about downloading the installer for the azure 80 connects to on my own premises. Domain controller.
It's important to note that even though I'm doing this on my domain control in this lab, it's actually not the recommended thing to do in production. What's what, though it will spin up in members of others joined to a domain and we were installed Tool. And that and that will help us to avoid at the main controller
communicating directly to the Internet, which is my good security practice.
So I'm back on my domain controller
and I'm already loved into the azure Pato on the domain controller.
If I click on Azure Active Directory
and on the left hand side, I have an option for a jury D connect. If I click on that,
I have an option to download the Azure 80 connects to. If I click on that option, that takes me to Microsoft website that I can download the two from. So I'm currently on this website. I click on download
on issued starts to download in a few seconds, so the download completed. I can click on the installer and I can click on Run,
and that will begin the process off installing this, too. So that's part of the installation. I have to agree to the terms and conditions. If I cried and click on that and click continue now it's prompting me if I want to use the express settings or if I want to use the custom settings. So in this case, our click on the custom settings
in this case I live all the options as default, and I'll go ahead and click on Install.
This will go to the process off installing d'Azur 80 connects to. So the installation completed successfully and now I'm been prompted toe configure the to.
So in the next task reviews from azure 80 Connect implementation options That's getting to this
back on my domain controller, you can see where were prompted to select the configuration option. So as we discussed in the previous lesson, we have the past. What are sink Pastoral indication Federation with a DFS and federation with pink Fed rate.
If I select the option for federation with a DFS, it actually has an option to set up the federation suffer for me. If I wanted to do that, I want that it's to do that. So that's a very really nice case, because I only to configure how this from scratch. If I'm gonna be using this option
in the final task off this lesson, I will show you out to configure the azure 80 connect password ash synchronization option. Yes, a visual illustration of what are between our configure. The Azure 80 connects to to synchronize the identities, the password, ashes on attributes off uses
in this organization units,
and that is going to synchronize my to users from on premises over into azure 80.
Let's get into this
so I'm back on my domain controller. I live past what I think selected are Go ahead and click next.
Have to provide credentials for the global admit a fragile 80.
If I click next that,
it's got very fighting, creating shows, some prompted to enter the connection information for my own premises. Active directory
Fast Our click on hard to victory here on our enter an enterprise had mean creating shows.
If I click OK to that
on if I click next,
So now I'm given the option.
So specify the sign in configuration. So that's all good, because I have the same European suffix. Roger, Indiana from 80 on that verified already for the on premises. Attributes Star be used as the azure 80 user name lived that as the user principal name
on our quiet and click next. Yes, where have the option to select if I want to synchronize all the objects
in this demand or if I want to feel diets down to a few objects. In this case, I'm only going to select setting or years and in particular I want the August this or you.
So if I click next to dance, I have the option here to select our identities
would be hiding to fight in on premises to victory on also this US ankle. I'll just leave this other default on out. Click on next.
In the future in I have an option to Father Future down the objects that I will be synchronizing toe I Jahidi by selecting objects that belong to a particular group. I won't be using this option. So our quiet and click next So for the option off features,
that's the option that I was talking about. Where if we had selected Federation of Past Road Indication
will have the option to use passwords are sink as a backup,
but in this case, I will leave all the other option off features to selected on a quiet and click next. So I have a final opportunity to review all the configurations that I've done on. Also to specify if synchronization is going to start immediately once the configuration complete, which is what I want.
So go ahead and click on install.
And we just went for a few minutes for the installation and the synchronization to complete and going back to my azure 80 environment. One studies done How should be able to see my new Jesus on the Azure 80.
So the configuration completed successfully on If I quiet and click on Exit here.
Now let's go back to my azure a d tenant.
The 1st 1 hour notice east. There's a synchronization accounts that's been set up by the Azure 80 connects to on. If I go ride on refreshed ease,
I can see that I have my two uses which are sauced from on premises. Windows Server Active Directory on There Now Active directory uses Andi from Den Han. I configure the users from on premises on the con. Figuration will synchronize over to azure Haiti.
He has a supplemental link toe on, um, templates that you can use to deploy the men controlling Azur
to practice what we just went through. And here's a summary of the tasks that were completed in this demo
who started by reviewing our existing environment, which consists off our azure 80 tenant on a non family system. In controller,
we don't downloaded and installed the Azure 80 connect it'll on premises.
We reviewed the different implementation options off Azure 80 connects and then concluded by implementing the password ash synchronization option. So that concludes this demo video.
Thanks very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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