Azure AD B2B and B2C Part 2

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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lesson 1.11 off this Is that true? It's where one cuss.
This lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson.
So our pickle from where I stopped in the last video and I will talk about as your a B B to C.
So one of the first things to recognize about as your lady be to see it's that this is actually a separate product offering from Azure 80.
This is not as your a d itself. You can go to the other Pato typing, create a new service or creating new results, and you can create a new results called Azure Lady Be to sit in it. It's different from a jury determent.
So it's about customer facing Web and mobile applications, and that's regardless of where they're all state. So you have a custom office in Web application, a customer facing mobile application.
You don't need to beauty own identity provided by yourself, right? What? You can do it. You can take advantage of our joy d b to see as the identity provider for your customer facing applications on that's regardless of where they're all state. So this is not just limited to
applications that you're hosting in harsher, ineffectual machines and agile you're Austin and as you're happ service as your functions,
this actually applies to applications that you're Austin anyway, as longer. This https. It's attributed to be his access on between azure a. D b to see and where the application is. Instead, he can that really be to see, as their instead provided for that.
So this is primarily a solution for businesses and develop as that create custom office, an application on, like indicates off B to B, which is more about collaboration between business partners or different organizations that walk together.
So one of the main distinguishing from charities off Jules I d. Be to see is that users can use the existing social identities
in your ***. Grady be to see so you know what a user once you have a Cosmo, if it's an application that Austin like e commerce website you want, you just have an identity. When you're interacting, which which you to be ableto purchase your product or service is
you may not want them to sign up from scratch, so they have existing social identities the way you can collect it. Any information from so you can enable that and allow them to use the existing social identities, like Facebook and Twitter and Google and artists,
so use the provisioning is done by the users themselves. So one of the ways that you need to be to see what is it allows you to create a sign up flew on a sign in Florida. You can integrate with your application so that whenever used as a ghost to access your application, it can tie in which they signed up floor with a sign inflow. Where's your I d? Be too sick? And it cost him to sign up.
Maybe we're using the existing social identity are create new new identity.
Are they signing? Floor record indicates
to give a quick, much more information about this. It's about up developers again, right? It's It's an identity provider for Web applications and enterprise weapon mobile applications.
So it also as support for M F. A. So you can allow users to be able to do more to factor authentication against your environment. You can create custom user attributes in terms of what you can collect the information that you can collect from from the users
on what's gonna be the star in the identity provider.
Ah, now you can customize your pages. So, for example, when they see the sign up on the sign in page,
it's not a bobbing, just Microsoft looking default page. You can customize the pages with your HTML on dhe CSS.
So in terms of the identity providers I support,
it's a port audit into the providers that you're looking at on the screen here. So Microsoft Facebook linked in Treat, Gugu Way Bo and oddest
one of the other things that have also that, if also had it is direct federation support. So where you can actually add support for any identity provider that support any of these open standards that you're looking at? What's to open? I d. Connect
some inner vision to bond Jason
so where you can actually do it direct federation with that identity provider so that oppose it upto essentially indifferent. For example, you could do a federation between Nigel 80 b to C and a Joy D B to B. That's possible now,
some quick information about architectural considerations so far. Joe E. D. B to C
so as your A d B to see is a pay as you go service, remember that as you're ready,
it's based on license and pay user by your license for Use it
on deacon Bite a standalone other Adam license are part of a bundle as your A B B to C on the other and CPS. You go service because if you create an X an application, you have no idea how many users could decide to sign up for your application. So So it's not like on the pages that basis until a pay as you go basis,
and it's based on the number off authentications that are done against your azure lady. Be to see tenants
so there's localization support for 10 to 6 languages in order what you can change the localization. And so users have a much more local interaction with the savage. When he signed up for signing in
so social identities, information collections cope cannot be extended beyond the default scope. So what this means is that this is a private defend you probably had in the news about things like people are abusing integration with different social identities to collect information So, for example,
I cannot use the Facebook social identity integration off Lady Beatrice's to start collecting information about your friends,
right? So it's it cannot be extend be under the false scope off, which is essentially the only thing you're collecting. His email on basic profile information, not things like what you liked, what you did, what you have to slide and your friends and all the other stuff
so quick, somebody off. What we've covered in this video started by giving an overview of our jury. It'd be to be an eye Johnny D B to C
give you some information about as Grady B. To B and some architectural considerations on some information about as your a d B to C and some architectural considerations.
So what, I'll do it in the next lesson out quiet and show you a demonstration off as your 80 b to be so I'll see you in the next lesson.
Quiz Question. Number one.
Your organization has decided to partner with a knot organization that does software development.
They have five developers in the partner organization that will be working on your projects.
You needs to grant them contributor permissions toe one off your azure subscription.
Your solution should minimize management overhead. What should you do?
Option one configuration organization relationship between both organizations as your A D tenants
option to create guest accounts for the developers in Eurasia. Lady Tenant Option to reconfigure the forests. Trust between the on premises Active directory Forest off both organizations.
If you selected option to create guest accounts for the developers in your lingerie de tenants, you would be correct. So if the five developers need access to your azure subscription, that's trust usually determined, uses it as a Najar as the identity for Vaida.
Well, you can do. She can just create guest account for those developers in your joy. De tentative. And that has your a d B to B
quiz Question Number two.
You have a customer face an application
instead. In as your Web,
you need to implement authentication that allows the external users off the Web up
to sign up using the existing social identities.
What solution will you recommend?
Option one Implement. As your lady guest sees access
option to implement as your a d B to C
absent Terry implement as your a. D. D. S.
If it selected option to implement as your A B B to see you would be correct because as your a d b to C allows you thio configure, use us to use the existing social identities to access your customer facing application. The godless off Wait. Host it.
quick information about some supplementary materials. That's the link to the documentation of as your a d B to B. And that's the link to the documentation off as your a d b to see it brings me to the hand off this lesson. Thanks, right, but for watching and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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