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Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to the very first listening off, Discuss stated Microsoft Azure Security Technologies.
This costs aligns with the Is that 500 as your security engineer Row based certification exam.
Quick information about me. My name is David. Okay today and I'll be your instructor. Trout discuss.
I have a cloud security architect in one of the top cybersecurity companies in the world. On my main area of focus is the security of public cloud platforms like Azure AWS and Google Clout.
The knowledge that I will be sharing with you throughout discuss It's not just your ethical men and less information, but it's going to be practical. Knowledge and experience that I've used in helping organizations of different sizes to secure the azure environment
have passed almost every as your certification out there, including the security engineer certification that this cost walks toe what's
now in my normal life. Ham the osbon off a lovely wife was very much my support,
and she bakes the best banana cake in the world are vowed for that cake anytime.
So what are the objectives for this video
in this video will cover the following
First is Fast will introduce the target audience for this CASS. In other words, we should take this cause. And why should anyone's paint their precious time watching this content
well, then introduced the objective. Start recovering for the remainder of the cost on us. You see how objectives are well aligned with the official? Is that 500? As your security engineer certification.
Half of these will cover some recommended prerequisite knowledge to get the most benefit. How off? Discuss
on. Finally, for those will be interested in following along with my demonstrations are introduced, the set up that you needs toe have to be able to follow along.
Let's get into this.
So in mid 2018 during the Microsoft Build Conference for that year,
Microsoft announced that they will be moving their certification programs away from bin technology for cost. Tobin Row focused. So what does that mean? What that means is that the causes and exams will be designed to equip and validates the ability to for few roles,
not just teaching about technology.
With that in mind, why did target audience for this car's on? What should you look to benefit by watching this content?
It's simple.
Anyone that wants to lend, toe, identify and remediate vulnerabilities in Hajer
implements trade protection for workload or stayed on Hajer off response to security incidents in hasher. If any off this interest you in any way, shape or form, you will benefit from taking discuss.
Oh, and by the way, you also get sufficient knowledge that will help you to pass the Is that 500 as your security engineer certification exam?
So it looks like a great deal today.
Let's take a closer look at the Ijaw certification structure on where this cost fits in.
Our justifications. Now fall into three categories. Fundamentals Row. Based on specialty certifications,
the vote based certifications have two levels, as you can see on the screen, the associate level on the expert level.
Now, where does this constant
the certification that this cost is aligned? Wheat is there's your security engineer certification, which is an associate level row based certification exam. It is I really recommended that you have some azure knowledge and experience
that is equivalent with the as your fundamental certification or the azure administrator certification
before you take the exam
on. This is not something that they had requirement, but because this cost is closely aligned with the certification are highly recommended. These aspirin records it for this cause also. So what I mean is ensure that you have knowledge to the tune off the azure fundamentals level
or as your administrator
So how are you need to do? It's such the Sai Buri website and you'll be able to find the content for discusses.
Let's look in modern tales at the objectives that recovering in Discuss
fost will start by looking at managing identity and access in hasher. Hundreds remained it for costs on a joy d. It's security features and as your key votes,
would they cover the security off as just descriptions, using a showbiz access control policy and resource locks.
Now, board off this models align with the identity and access example objective.
This will then lead us into three ma deuce on network host and container security and nausea.
This tree motives are lined with the platform protection objective off the exam,
who then cover the management off security operations in Hajer, mainly focused on logging on monitoring in Asia. From a security perspective on this headlines with the exam objective on managing security operations
finally will cover the implementation off data and applications security and Hajer on this alliance with the secure data on applications exam objective.
Now for Dosari be interested and following along with my demonstrations. The set of the units to follow along is relatively simple.
You need on a just prescription this is required and how hard A link to a shot video that shows you how to sign up for a free try our subscription in the supplementary materials link
optionally you could set up some sort of love system with the following applications installed
Visual studio coat. I just see a lie as your powershell get for Windows and party. Now, this is something that's option er because a lot off this applications that you need actually installed in the Azure Cloud show, which is part of the azure subscriptions. Anyway,
here's some supplemental materials that can help you, which we gas to the topic that would discussed especially the link to a shot video that'll show you how to sign up for on as your free trial subscription.
So what have we covered in this lesson?
We started by discussing the audience. I will find value in taking discuss on that is essentially anyone that is interested in managing as you're securely using trusted security best practices
on also anyone that is looking to positive as your security engineer certification
when I covered the prerequisites for discuss, which is a knowledge level equivalent with either the azure fundamentals on the azure administrator certifications Siberia's content for both off the certifications and I strongly recommend review in them.
Would they introduced the seven men models off, discuss on the exam study area that the aligned with
and finally I introduced you to the lab, set up environments for those y interested in following along with my demonstrations.
Thanks very much for watching this video on. I'll see you in the next lesson.
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