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8 hours 33 minutes
Video Transcription
Hello, Siberians. Welcome to this lesson on Is it 500 exam preparation?
This lesson is the final lesson off the is that 500 Microsoft Azure security technologist costs
quick information on what will be going over in this lesson.
We'll start with every view off the exam. Objective demands.
Well, then this costs. Information about the exam itself
would discuss performance based testing on finally, some exam preparation tips. Let's get into this.
Let's start by reviewing what is measured in this exam
Now, the content of the examples updated on the 20 night of July 2020 on this cost alliance with the latest update
about 30 to 35% off questions that you be getting will be from the managing identity and access domain,
so that would be mainly around a jury. 80 On a joy. The security component like privileged identity management
about 15 to 20% off questions that you be getting would be from the implementing platform protection domain,
and there will be around network security or security and container security. So your network security groups you as your firewall as your bastion, veteran machine security application service, security container registry and community service security
about 25 to 10% off. Questions that you be getting will be from the managing security operations domain on dowry, mainly around as your monitor as a Log Analytics security center sentinel on as your policy.
And finally, about 20 to 25% off questions will be from the securing data on applications domain,
and they'll be mainly around storage. Security are just sick or security on as your key vote.
Let's look at the exam information.
First of all, how many questions should you expect?
The number of questions could way from anywhere between 40 to 60. Questions. The exam itself will have a total scale off 1000.
It's also important to know the questions are not weight equally. Some questions carry more greats than other questions,
so ensure that you answer hard questions there. No negative Marken in this exam, so there's no penalty. Even if you have to guess and you've guessed wrong.
How long will you be given to complete the exam? You have won 80 minutes in total, and that is three AAS
now, 2.5 off those. Ours will be for answering exam questions, while the other tests administered before reading instructions on getting feedback from you. What types of questions will you get?
You'll get multiple choice questions. Boy is going to be modern that you're gonna be getting billed. Least Dragon drop questions on even performance based tests.
They will also be at least two case studies where it's now. We will be described in details to you on You Be acts about five or six questions based on that detailed scenario, So expect between 2 to 3 questions that you get to be off this category.
Microsoft recently had it performance based tests to some azure Vobis certification exams on This includes the is at 500 example
on this our view World scenarios where you be hacks to complete some configuration tasks in the azure Pato
on the public's off. This is to demonstrate and on skew that you know your way around the your Pato and configuring the tasks that you've been given.
Now hold it touched that you be actually complete will be done in the azure Pato, not using partial matches in azure sea ally on the usually simple configuration tasks. So there's nothing too complex. For example, creating a key vote with a required service here.
There may be one or two laps with up to 15 tasks to complete in the Potter
and you May, or you may not get government based tests.
Max off recommendation is to prepare for your exam us if you're going to get them. However, do not be surprised if you do not get them. Also,
does the mixed reviews that have here personally from those who have recently completed the exam
some God performance based tests. Why others did not.
Here's some example. Privation Tips for your studies. Number one. Get on on practice the questions that you be getting a typically action based question
so it else to have done those tax before. Specifically, if you get performance based questions
also reads the F accuse.
It's no easy to deploy and test all the features for how the services that we've discussed, and neither are you required to do so.
So take advantage off the supplemental links that were provided in discuss on the F accuse off the services on dark start Microsoft dot com.
The F accuse will give you a quick overview off the services and in many cases that all you need to be able to answer the questions that you be getting
also, nor the tears and scales off teens.
And after the exam, you'll be issued a batch to show that you're now it's certified as your security engineer. So share your badges on social media. Let us know that you've put in the work and you've come out successful at the end
and also keep in touch. You can find me on LinkedIn on my social media accounts. Let me know if this costs helped you in your studies. Let me notice cause helped you to pass the certification. Send me a message I would like to hear about it. It's been an absolute pleasure being your instructor. Trout discuss.
I hope you've enjoyed following because as much as I've enjoyed making hits
and this is me signing out from now on, I'll see you all later. All the best in your studies