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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this lecture on. It'll be a shields as we talked about earlier. A devious shields helps with the mitigation of details attacks in your AWS account, and I don't want to break it down a little bit more because there's actually two components. Interviews shield.
Ah, so when your understanding it officio like I said, it helps with the distributed denial of service attacks.
It's basically a security control. That abuse takes care of Connecticut. Added bonus. Um, everybody who has a native of this account gets the shields standard. But for those who want a little bit more, you know, feature a little more fluff with the shields features. They can go and pay for shield advance
s o the differences.
She'll standard provides a basic level protection in its most common network and transport layer DDOS attacks. But the shield advance is more of a subscription service that provides near real time visibility on the attacks in infrastructure.
And, you know, it comes with 24 7 details response team. So you get your own team to help when you're dealing with an ongoing attack
and ah, a cost about $3000 port per organization requires your account to be at least a business or enterprise level support. So in order for you to get that, you're gonna have to, you know, send out for that kind of support, which costs extra money as well. But if you have a highly critical,
um, environment that you need to make sure that you're keeping up with and it might actually be worth it, so
something to keep in mind if you're trying Thio Absolutely. Make sure that you're taking care of unmitigated are mitigating any details? Threats? So hopefully that helps. If you guys have any questions, feel free to reach out to me. Also, be sure to look up a tibia, shields documentation and see if this is something that's worth
while for your organization.
All right, I'll text you later.
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