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Hello, everybody. And welcome to this course on infrastructure security and eight of us, This is gonna be an introductory lecture, Just kind of giving you a heads up on what we're about to go through together
before we get started on the content of infrastructure security and interview us. I just wanted to take a brief moment to introduce myself and review the prerequisites for the course.
So the pre Rex for this course is to ideally, you need to have an eight of us account. Um, I would recommend that you have a AWS certification. At least the certified cloud practitioner.
Um, you know, it's $100 is really easy to get, but I gives you the general idea behind it of us,
and the service is so you should be able to pick it up real quick and hop right into this course. Um and you know, if you don't have the certification that at least be familiar with the General Service is like NBC to instance. S3 already asked things like that.
Obviously, if you have the certification or if your general or if you're familiar with the General Ada, be a service is then you probably have access to an AWS account if you don't, it takes five minutes to set up and it's free. So I highly encourage you to do so.
Ah, little bit about myself. So my name is Nicholas Moya. I Macleod, Security engineer, have over six years of experience and i t And now I work full time in thesixty Pretty and compliance for the cloud and mobile applications. Um, I am a It'll be a certified solutions architect. I'm also
ah, one of the main eight of us instructors here on Cyber Eri,
and you can come and reach me at my website at Nicolas mori dot com.
And there I posed block articles. I have my my contact information where you can come and find me if you need to ask questions. Things like that. Uh, a DBS is an ever changing landscape. So at whatever point you decide to take this course, things may have changed. And so you may need to
ask questions and clarify things as you're moving along.
And I wanted to make sure that I was accessible for you. Do so. So please don't be shy. Feel free to reach out to me. There's no such thing as a stupid question. All questions air Welcome. Um, even I have them,
and that may be silly, but, you know, I do. And we all have to go through. We'll have to review. We'll forget things. And so I want you to feel completely welcome to reach out to me. Um, the learning objectives for this course would be obviously to learn cloud infrastructure, security. We're gonna be reviewing the tools
in interview us that allow you to do that.
We're gonna be talking about methodologies for infrastructure security. We're going to talk about security policies and configurations in the cloud and threat management.
All right, that about wraps up this lecture. I look forward to diving. It's this course of you. Welcome aboard. All right. I'll see you in there.
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