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In this lesson, the instructor discusses the purpose of the assessments, which are to allow for maximum retention of the material. Each assessment contains 10 questions which are a combination of true and false as well as multiple choice.

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Hello Shaadi the laser subject Matter expert. Welcome to Office 3 65 Web Content Management Course. In this particular video, I'm going to walk you through the assessment questions that you receive at the completion of each module in the three key areas. First, we have the purpose.
We have the type of questions,
and the access to you is the user. So first of all, the purpose of the assessment test is to increase maximum retention of the learned material presented in each module. For the assessment tests, we have 10 questions for each and every module.
Now, in terms of types of questions that you, the user will expect, we also we have a combination of true or false and multiple choice questions
that you will have to take and in terms of access. As a registered member of Cyber Eri, you will have access to each module within the user dashboard

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