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Android 4 vs. IOS 5 Welcome to Cybrary's CompTIA A+ course and our subject matter, Mobile Operating Systems. Today's discussion begins by introducing the basics of mobile operating systems, the Android operating system and the IOS operating system, then explaining the differences between the two. The Android 4.0 is the current version examined on the A+ exam. It allows for use of smaller devices, brings 32-bit, open source architecture, and delivers effective small machine processing experience. IOS is Apples operating system, designed specifically for Apple devices and is tailored for Apple specific devices be it a phone, IPad, tablet, etc. You'll learn the difference between open and proprietary software/operating system and the impact that has on how devices function, are modifiable, & integrate easily with other devices/software, and the pros/cons of each, and what other products are on the market with proprietary OSs.

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