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Video Transcription
Hello and welcome to Sigh Berries Cup Tia Certified Van Security Practitioners Certification Preparation course.
This is a continuation of marginal manana. We're just tired of scanning in monitoring.
He had objectives which encompasses this particular martyr,
not turn out to tour. Discuss of analyzing, monitoring results.
These argan objectives. We could begin by first all discussing security analytics metrics and trends,
visualization, event data analysis and, lastly, communicating findings.
Perhaps the best place began. This particular presentation is about First are engaging in a pre assessment course tip, and the question is as follows was the technique a represent complex data in visual rather than tablet form, such as a list call is a card data visualization,
metrics, trends or security audit.
The correct response would have been data visualization.
Let's begin by. Take a look at our first agenda item, which is titled Security Analytics Metrics and Trends. When you're looking security. Security, in fact, is the first layer off a defense and depth approach. Is the enforcement off the fundamental elements of network security?
Analytics is in fact, the discovery and communication, a meaningful patterns and data
especially value in such rich areas. Recording information animates, relies on a simultaneous epic Ace of Statistics Computer Programming. Operation Research to quantify performance metrics and analysis is a a sophisticated practice in security management that takes advantage of data to produce usable,
objective information. Inside, they got decisions.
Trends is a pattern of gradual change in condition, output of process or an average or journal Tennessee of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time. Represented by line or curve on a graph.
is a general term that describes any effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Patterns, trends and correlation that might go undetected in a text based data can be exposed and recognize easier with data visualization software.
Other words. When it doesn't convey information through visual representation, it produces what we call interactive visual representation of abstract data to reinforce human cognition, thus enabling a view to gain knowledge about the internal structure of the data and causal relationship in it.
In terms of visualization goals, it has to answer courses because what it does force. In fact, it helps us or put us in a better position strategically to make decisions. We even see the data in the proper context. It supports the graphical calculations it finds patterns. It presents arguments on the fact that tells a story.
It can also a sw far as well,
not force. A three function of visualization, first of all, is to record other words. We want to store the information we want also have that capability zord ability to analyze other words because what ultimate is gonna do is report the reasoning about the information
communicate is not a factor again because it convey information to others.
There are number of different data visualization tools that available on the market because of what happened is these image may include interactive capabilities. We look at that a visualization and able to use and manipulate them. Drilling to the data for Korean and analysis
indicated his assigned to alert the user would win data has been updated or predefined condition Kirk and also be included.
Some of these examples again, As I mentioned here, Dion lets off some thing different types of this gonna kind of mention one here on this particular chart here. First of all, you have first card data graphics. Would you get is a fast, flexible, open source. JavaScript Charting Library that allows the user to explore interpret This data set
is highly customizable. It works in all major browsers, and you can't even pitch to zoom or mobile tablet devices as well.
Event data analysis.
If you look back at it, Miss or National Institute of Standards and Technology specific states that a law is a record of events occurring within the organization system and network logs of composed of law injuries. Each injury contains information related to a specific event as a current within your system,
for example, on his executing stabbers,
policies and procedures for long management or this also privatized Log Mansion appropriate throughout the organization or the secret and maintain a long mansion infrastructure. Or they should also provide proper support for all staff with long management type responsibilities. Or they should also
extend distended long mansion in operational processes as well.
Then we come to the topic of a packet dump
package captured in, and it is a computer network and turn for intercepting a data package that is crossing. I'm moving over. A specific computer network
wants This package is captured is stored temporarily so that could be analyzed. The packages inspected to help diagnose and soft network problems and determine whether the network security policies are being enforced
equal is important. Hackers can also use packets captain techniques to steal that has been transmitted over your network
machine data is disco information created by activism, computers, mobile phones, embedded systems and other network devices, such that it became much more prevalent as technologies such as your radio figures E identification. O R F i. D and Tele Max advance
this. Race it to the top of communicating our findings. The results of that announced can be communicated using a number of methods. The decision as to the medium or media to be used to convey the information it directly related the speed of communication. Something that fall in this criteria is when we look at the solid substance
and the question is, does the report have all the activities of findings? The attributes of the findings on the criteria
does that condition cause and effect and recommendation,
then becoming a sound logic. There's a report makes sense. Is it easy, readable,
balanced toll?
Those who report present a balanced own one that is obviously respectful
visual clarity. Doesn't report appearance. Got the reader, dude in large it off the material and last. It doesn't employ good mechanics. And the question is, does the report worst incidents it clearly and efficiently effectively communicate that message?
At this point, we have our post assessment question, and the question is as follows. What describes a pattern? A gradual change in the condition, output, all process or an average of general Tennessee of a series of data points to move in a certain direction over time is eight trends. Is it be Analects,
See metric or visualization?
The correct response would have been a trends
doing this particular presentation. We highlight the topics and, in fact, discuss Security analytics, metrics and Trends, visualization event. That analysis and lastly, communicate findings
and our upcoming presentation will conclude this particular margin by taking a look at the key takeaways, which his title scanning end monitoring look forward to see you in a very next video
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