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Hello, everybody. Welcome to lessen 6.2. Ah, line trying on organized. My name is Alejandro. Gonna and helping your instructor for today's lesson.
The operative of this lesson is to identify and understand all the process concluded in their lying plan and organize the main.
So, uh, as I mentioned it before in the sections, I will go through all the processes included in each domain. In the previous session, we covered the single, the main governance, Maine, which is only one s. So now so now will focus on the four domain governance. I'm sort of the four
management made. I will give you a little description. What's the purpose and examples of the entire goals? You know, enterprise goals in the linemen goals. Remember the gold's cascade? As I told you before on this process might you know, I will. I will try to explain how this process is my help, that she
that the end of both the end
price goals and they on the alignment goals. So let's start with the 1st 1 AP owes you one managed I t management framework. I know the name sounds a little redundant, but that's the name has
aah! These design the management system for enterprise I t. Based
on the enterprise goals. Another design factors based on the design implement all requirements component. You know this the main influence all the climate components
four of the management system. The purpose is to, as I told you, implement a consistent management approach for enterprise government's requirements and, you know, and and the requirements to be met covering in governance components such as management process, organizational structures, roles and responsibilities.
You know, reliable and reputable activities, information, items, policies and procedures and so on.
Ah, he helps a set off enterprise, and an eye mingles as we saw in the previews remains as well. And the previews are processes. For example. In this case, this process helps to achieve enterprise will 03 which is complains with external laws and regulations.
Enterprise Ball 12 for example, managed digital information programs.
And it also helps to you achieve some alignments calls, for example, Ally mingle 11 I t compliance with internal policies.
So then we have a p o was your to which basically is
manage strategy. You know, this, uh, domain is to provide a hunt, a holistic view off the current business and I t environment. The future direction on the initiative's required to meet my great to the decided future environment.
It insures that desired level of you to say, should we get
digitization? I'm sorry, is integral to the future direction off the I. T. S strategy. The purpose is to support the digital for information and strategy off the organization and deliver the desired value through the road map off incremental changes.
Um, the use of this holistic approach ensuring that
each initially is clearly connected to an over Noah strategy itself enable change in all different aspects of the organization from China. Ls two processes to data on processes to date. I'm sorry. Culture is killed in operating model on incentives.
It's always It also helps a couple of enterprise and ally mingles, for example.
And the bright gold is your five customer service culture on a lineman gold C 08 enabling and supporting business processes by integrating applications and technology
A pose your dream manage enterprise architecture. Establish a common architecture consistent of business processes, information, data application and technology. You know, these all of these in layers
create key models and processes that described the baseline on target architectures in line with the enterprise i. T. S strategy.
Their purpose is to represent the different building blocks that make up the enterprise and its relationships. A cz well as the principles guiding their designed an evolution over time to enable to enable standard, responsive and efficiency on to deliver Oliver Operational and the strategy
As always, it helps. It helps a couple of enterprise and lime Ingles, for example. Enterprise number 08 optimization off internal business processes, functionality and alignment goals. For example. 06
um, turn business requirements into operational solutions.
Then we have
HBO's You afford managed innovations. Among the descriptions to maintain and awareness off related service is strength on monitor emerging technologies trends. You know you have to proactively identify innovation opportunities and plan how to benefit
from innovation in relation to the business needs
on the define I. T. S strategy. Remember that a couple of lessons ago would talk about knowing that the business context and knowing if if your business is actually trying to implement the top notch new technology or is actually wedding a couple of years to see how the technology works well. For example,
you can try if you're if you're the first home.
If your business falls into the first description you might want to take. This process is to level five off capability and maturity. But if you if your business falls into the second description, maybe you're you don't want to pay a lot of attention to this process.
The purpose of this process is achieved. Competitive advantage, business innovation, improved customer experience and improved operational effectiveness.
It helps, for example, enterprise goal 01 portfolio off competitive products and service is an alignment bowls, for example. 13 knowledge, expertise and initiatives for business innovations.
Then we have a POC Revive managed portfolio executive. This execute I'm sorry. The strategy.
The strategic direction set before the investments inland with the Enterprise Architect Ambition on I T Road map
considered the different categories for investment on the resources I'm funding constraints. The purpose is to optimize the performance off the overall portfolio off programs in response to individual programs, products and service is,
you know, in order to change the enter. Pressed priorities undermined the enterprise goals. That this helps, for example, is enterprise School is your eight optimization off internal business processes, functionality and alignment wall Survive, for example, delivered it off. I t service is in line with business requirements.
I can. You guys, you can find all the enterprise goals in alignment goals and, you know, more descriptive,
um, version off the remains in eye sockets. Publications.
Then we have a ah a a p 006 managed budget and cost.
The description is to manage the IittIe related financial activities involved. The business and I D functions covering budget and cost and cousin benefit management and prioritization offer spending through the use of formal budgeting practices.
The purpose is to, you know, see a partnership between I T and Enterprise stakeholders to enable the effective and efficient use off I t related researchers and provide transparency and accountability off the costs and business value for solutions. And service is
it also helps a couple of enterprise goals. For example, Enterprise Walls 12
managed digital transformation or for a couple into practical 09 optimization on business processes cost in a lime in gold, for example, 09 delivering programs in time on budget and median requirements on quality standards. Then we have
a b 007 minus human resources. Provide instructor instructor it approach to ensure optimal recruitment and acquisition of personnel.
And the purpose is to optimize human resources capabilities to meet the enterprise. Opera tips the shelves, for example. Enterprise Goals Europe. I'm sorry. 10 staff skills, motivation of productivity and alignment both, for example, 12 competent and motivated stuff
with mood, mutual understanding, off technology and business.
This is kind of a nit
process because combining knowledge of technology and business, I think the killer combination you will be able to know only choose the correct analogy. You will be also be able to talk in terms of risk. For example,
then we have a pose. Your eight manage relationships, you know, manage relationships with businesses, stakeholders in a formalized and transparent wait that ensures mutual trust
on combined *** On achieving this tragic goals within the constraints of budget and risk tolerance,
the purpose is to enable the right knowledge, skills and behavior to create improved outcomes, increased confidence, mutual trust and effective use of resources that steep stimulate the productive relationship between business stakeholders.
Uh, he helps a couple of enterprise walls that's always for Temple and Incredible Ciro.
Eight optimization off eternal business processes, functionality and alignment Goal. For example, 12 competent, unmotivated stuff with mutual understanding, off technology and business.
Then we have,
ah, HBO's Your Night managed service agreements, basically is to align i t enable products and service is on, you know, levels with enterprise needs and expectations, including identification. A specification designed publishing agreement and monitoring all fighting products. And service is
this is key because most of the time I don't see business actually
taking care of the slaves they have with their I t benders. Like, for example, how many times on the year are you able to tolerate to be without Internet, for example? You know, most of the time the people doesn't know the answer to that, and you know, there's no s lay clear about what they were. The penalties
for the IittIe vendor. If that doesn't happen,
um, it also helps enterprise goal 01 for example, portfolio of competitive products and surfaces and a lime and goals your wife delivery off. I do. Service is in line with business requirements.
Then we have a B 0/10 manage vendors and, you know, as the name suggests, you know the purpose is to optimize available A T capabilities to support the IittIe strategy on road map to minimize the risk associated we know the unknown performing and non compliant benders.
It helps Enterprise Gold, for example, 08 optimization off internal business processes functionality and I'm in Boulder 05 delivery. Off service is in line with business requirements.
Then we have a P 0 11 mannish quality.
You know the purpose is to ensure consistent delivery of technology Solutions on service is to make the quality requirements off the inter press and satisfied stakeholders needs. It helps, for example, and Tim Private Want Enterprise Goal seven Quality off management information in alignment wolves, for example,
your night
delivery programs. In time, I'm budget and meeting requirements on quality standers.
Then we have a B or 12 manage risk on you know the purposes toe. Integrate the management off I t. Ra Later and surprise risk with several enterprise risk management. On balance the costs and benefits of managing I t related and to price risk. For example,
if your risk is too high, you know, and you already performed your business impact analysis
And you know that what you will look lose, maybe you'll lose $10 million from this from this case from this impact. But, you know, trying to be compliant with the regulation that we actually set the feet it caused your $20 million. It doesn't make sense supplied economy measures
because you will be spending more than well you You will be losing
in the gaze of the you know, a bridge happening. So this this process help help us with that. He helps achieve enterprise goal, for example, to your to manage business risk in alignment, alignment goals, for example, Syria to as well managed it related risk.
Then we have a P 0 30 and managed security. You know, the purpose is to keep the impact and occurrence off Information security incidents within the within the enterprise risk appetite levels
again, the formula, this simple formula for risk. It's the in back times the probability of that that, you know, that case happened. So, you know, things process helped us to reduce the probability because reducing the impact does not happen all the time. Well, as you
decide to change
the business contacts, or maybe you don't want to go in that business line anymore. For example, if you have any commerce and you decided to shut down that the Web page and sell your stuff physically and I'm just giving you an idea, you can change the impact that otherwise you will always try to reduce the probability
on these process. Help us with that,
then we have. Finally, we have a P O for 14 manage data, which, you know the purpose is to ensure effective utilization off critical that data assets to achieve the enterprise goals and objectives. It shelves Enterprise Gold, for example, Usual four
quality or financial information or 07
while our equality. I'm sorry. Off management information in the Lyman Gold 10 for example, quality off my team managed information.
What process has the AP all 12 Identify where? Well, we would talk about that in this manage risk
mentioned one enterprise ical supported by a B 00 to which, which is, you know, one of the first processes we saw in this session. And it's, for example, and possible 01 Well, the enterprise they peels your do is manage to strategy, and their enterprise walls is for example, through one portfolio or competitive products and surfaces
and a lime in goals, for example, for the second, the third question mentioned 1 11 goal,
supported by a P 00 to, for example, alignment. Gold 08 Hey, enabling and supporting business processes on integrating applications and technology
in today's media. With this cause, all the processes included in a line plan and organized man and I tried to give you a little description off each process.
Supplementary materials. It's always the same. The same publication, the same tie Sacha publication. This is where you find all this content. I mean, whatever content you're hearing in this video and this in this tutorial and this entire courts is, you know, it's included in my sack us on that guide. So
if you want to buy the all, are we how they recommend you to do so?
Well, that's it for today, folks. I hope you enjoyed the video and talk to you soon.
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