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In this lesson, Subject Matter Expert Dean Pompilio discusses the next series of videos for this course: Advanced Social Engineering. In those lessons he will cover system access techniques and tools including Metasploit and Veil. He will talk more about physical security considerations, and he will present live demonstrations of physical security methods. You may contact Dean Pompilio (username Polymath) through the Cybrary blog to let him know what techniques and tools you are using and what might be useful to the community.

Video Transcription

So for the next, uh,
Siri's of videos for this course, we're going to do advanced social engineering
and this video I'll be covering some more of the system access tools like medicine Floyd or a veil. We'll talk more about some physical security considerations. Immediate may have some demos where I do some live demonstrations of physical security methods. So definitely stay tuned for that. And if you get on the cyber, very blawg,
you can find me Dean Pompilio. My
my username is polymath
and feel free to post in that blogged
to let me know what you're interested in. Let me know how you like the course and let me know what techniques and, um, and tools you're using and what you think might be useful to add to the community.
Thanks for watching, Hoping to see you next time.

Social Engineering and Manipulation

In this online, self-paced Social Engineering and Manipulation training class, you will learn how some of the most elegant social engineering attacks take place. Learn to perform these scenarios and what is done during each step of the attack.

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Dean Pompilio
CEO of SteppingStone Solutions