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Video Transcription
welcome to Advanced Elementary Forensic acquisition. Today, we're gonna do Dong Galis Cloud and persistent Cloud acquisitions. So hold onto your pants. Brian Dykstra on the CEO of Atlantic Data Forensics. That was a co founder. Mandy and I also taught cybercrimes contractor at the FBI academy for several years
on to come out the military intelligence community. Have a variety of certifications there.
Um, And if you have any questions about what we're doing here, what I'm doing here, what you'd like to do here, you can reach me at Sai Buri at atlantic DF dot com and I will actually email you back.
All right, so Ah, little bit about Atlantic data Forensics. Founded in 2007 we're headquartered in Elkridge, Maryland. Um, we do computer forensics for civil and criminal litigation work. You discovery for big, big law firm cases.
Ah, we do 24 7 Incident response. We just got ourselves for data breach season.
Sure. Bunch out there in the same situation. Ah, also, ah, internal corporate nature, our investigations, a lot of incident response, training and table top exercises and things like that. We also have offices out in Denver and Detroit.
Okay, prerequisites for this course.
Like I say every single time before you do any sort of forensic acquisition, you have to document the evidence document Document Document. First, you can do the collection later, but you never get a chance to that documentation right again.
So Ah, if you have any questions about how to do that look at my cyber course on evidence handling. Do it. Do it the right way. Lots of good tips in there. Ah, to make sure that you don't mess that part up. Also might want to see my course on basic every metric dead brute forensic acquisition for Wired in local is going to make some assumptions here. They've
already viewed that in our collections today. We're just gonna
gonna build off of that.
Ah, you get a full featured evaluation copy. Ever met tree at my of metro dot com inquiry, evil and dr Shots Be happy to give you a 30 day test copy of that. And I feel questions about the FF four forensic four matter, anything like that. Uh, I have Ah,
of course, where I talk about the A f of four format,
but even better than that You can read his effort for public pdf off the website from that link there. And it will answer all your deep, dark questions as to why you should be using if it for for all your forensic acquisitions.
All right. Ah. Course materials for today. Ah, gonna need an Internet connected commuter computer. Commuter, commuter computer. Um, if you're playing law in the home version, you need your evil copy of ever met tree. Ah, you gonna need an evidence computer or drives. That's our target system, right? They're going to capture
Ah, little bit different than normal. We're gonna need a U S P capable USB drive for storage.
Don't worry. I'm gonna talk about what U S A. P is, um, we don't need an extra thumb dive for live booting and probably need that today. And then perhaps a storage drive for USB external. Always good to have those around with you.
All right, target audience. Same is always computer forensics professionals, of course, incident responders. Because there's not too much difference in the gap there. And ah, and I t professionals that get themselves rounded up into these having to do collections position for folks
are learning objectives. We're gonna learn how to perform a dongle this ever metric disc acquisition. Right? Without carrying that dog around Hate the dung gal's
love the dog ALS. I don't know. Um, also how to deploy an ever metric cloud agent to performer forensic acquisition on AWS or Azure Cloud. Instance. If you weren't paying attention before, he should be paying attention for this. Lots of big cloud
domains out there. So worth Pan, we're spending time on. And then lastly, we're gonna talk about discussing the use of elementary. Ah, persistent cloud agent for incident response or Enterprise Computer Forensics.
All right, good times about to happen here.
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