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welcome to Advanced Elementary Forensic acquisition. Today we're gonna do Dong Galis Cloud and persistent Cloud acquisitions. So hold onto your pants.
All right, in the summary today's video. Let's see, we talked about how to perform a Dong Elisheva Metric disc acquisition. We talked about how to deploy the elementary cloud agent to perform a friend's acquisition on AWS, or Azure Cloud instance, which we actually did. We acquired a
Windows 2019 server there, and then we discussed just a little bit quickly about how you might do that an enterprise environment or for instant response, using the elementary, persistent cloud agent
and, as always, you know, build up your skills and come run with us.

Advanced Evimetry Forensic Acquisition: Dongle-less, Cloud and Persistent Cloud

In this free course we will explore how to use the temporarily licensed, Evimetry Dongle-less and Cloud Agent to do complex acquisitions of off network equipment and AWS, Azure or other cloud instances.

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Brian Dykstra
CEO and President of Atlantic Data Forensics