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Hello, Siberians. Welcome to lessen 5.6 Off Model five off Discuss stated. Is that reserva? One Microsoft Azure architect design.
here, the different tax that will complete in this demon.
We'll start by creating an azure continue registry
half their way. Toe push. A container image that exists on a local machine into the registry
wouldn't create a Nadja Community service cluster.
Well connected the cluster using Cube City here or keep Cotto however you pronounce that
would deploy container image. That's Allstate in a see how into our case notes
was killed the parts in the A. K s cluster and then was killed. The A ks cluster notes. Let's get into this.
So the first us that I'll be showing you is the creation of an azure container registry. Instance
on Actually, before going ahead to create instance, I'll give you a quick review off one I currently have set up in my test or demo in development.
In my demo environment, I currently have a Knox machine
that has the following applications. In start
it has get installed, and if you're not familiar with out install get, I'm using a bundle in knocks at the commands that you can use to install, getting they can use to verify if it's installed.
I have Dr installed on this bomb to machine.
I have a juicy Ella installed, and that's the command also to install and verify the installation.
And finally, I have the Cube Cotto installed on. That's the command to install and verified that also.
So what are we showing you in? This very first task is that I'll be creating on as your continent registry instance. So let's go to my Lennox machine. We'll show you how to do this. So I'm currently in my Lennox machine here. I'm not loved into a job as a CIA lie, so he needs to that first of all, So although is it
and it's gonna give me a u R L to go to and put in the code to authenticate. So our copy that you are well on dhe I'll bring up a browser. I'll go to the euro and I'll put in the court
now because I'm already logged into the azure pot off the browser. I can simply selects my current authenticated user and automatically authenticates me.
So if I go back to the command line. I should be authenticated now. Excellent. So here the commands that I'll be using the complete his very first task
first are being created. Every such group is in the lead group. Create command.
Are we creating a larger container? Registry is in the Is that a C L create command on? Then I'll be logging into the registry.
So let's go ahead and launch industry
sets off. Commence.
So that's done. The 1st 1
Onda second command on Dhe. Then finally the last command and I can see here. It says Logan succeeded, so that does not take long to create. So I think we're on the right track. Let's move it to the next task.
So in the next task, I'll show you howto push a continent image into the other container registry.
On there's a visual representation of what are between you. So currently on my machine I have this image called as your vote front image
on. I'm gonna be used in the doctor push command toe, push this image into the actual content of registry. So the 1st 1 I need to do is I need to talk to him age, But let's go ahead and do that. First of all, so back to the instructions that I'm following the 49 needs to do is I need to tag my image.
So what are these? If I go back to my Lennox machine, let's clear the screen.
And if I do Dhaka
images and you can see the image that I want to push, you can see that it's currently as just a little stuck.
So I need to target. Andi needs toe had information about mija Continent registry in front of that.
Let's copy that's command and let's go on it.
So, having run that, let's verify again. Now I can see my tugged image over here so just creates a copy and then tucks it Unnatural about this. I'll be pushing the image into the registry. So for used to do this, make sure you're logged into your azure subscription using the Is it
log in command?
I would have done Alia.
It's quiet and copy that command.
Let's pace that day and let's run that
on. We can see that his dream if you face,
so that's completed now,
so let's go ahead and verify if the image now exist in the registry. So again I'll clear the screen
and I'll paste that command knife. I run that.
I can see that my image now exist in the content of registry. And if I want to see information about a tug
on division, I can go ahead and use dis Command to city tax for the specific image.
And I can see the dad Division One and the next task. I'll show you how to create an azure community service cluster using Is that cli?
So to do this, it's actually a simple command that I'll be using to the distal. Just that commander creates the cluster,
so I'm using the A's at a KS creates command. Suppose find a research group the name off the cluster that I want to create. How many notes? So I want to exist in the cluster. I'm specifying toe automatically generate a s s H key.
And also I want to give this cluster permission to my Jacques container registry. Instance, because the cluster needs to be ableto pull images down from that registry and I'll show you the permission that's gonna automatically set up because off this permitted that I'm a touching.
So let's go ahead and copy and run this command.
So it's currently creating our azure, a ks cluster that would take a few minutes to complete. So a glide and pasta recording after it's completed to sexually. How is Jim the recording on? Then we can go to the rest of the tasks.
So the deployment off the a ks cluster completed successfully. On what? All this. I'll go to the other Potter to show you a few things that happened.
If I go on the resources groups, the resource group that I created for the Cluster is this research group here. If I quiet and click on that,
you can see that I have my community service and I also have my continent registry here.
If I click on the Cuban Eaters service on dhe, if I go on the not poor, you can see that I have a single note pool, which is Lennox based on. I haven't not count off, too, and you can see the size that I specified.
Also, if I go to my content of registered I created earlier,
if I go under the access control and I go on the rule assignments.
You not is that it automatically given permissions to Mike Yes, cluster
forthis content of registry, and it's given me to devote to be ableto pull images directly from this registry. So that's good.
So here's a visual representation off what I just eat.
I just created a community's cluster
wheat to walk and not in it.
In the next task. One obedience, I'll be connecting to my Ekeus cluster using Cube Cotto,
which is a communities to that we can use for managing communities clusters. Now, if Q Cattle is not currently installed on your Lennox machine, you can install it is in this command here. So how already everything start bought? Yeah, there's no harm in running it again, so let's go ahead and run that.
So let's clear the screen again on a wide and pissed that, and I'll run that
on dhe that's executed successfully. I just need to ensure that I have this path in my sedge puff.
Now I need to connect my case closer using keep city, and to do that, I'll use the Is that a ks? Get credentials command. I'll specify the name of my resource group on the name of my eks Kloster.
So let's quiet and one that's
on. Get quiet and execute that
so you can see that it's currently created a cube conflict foul that's looking good.
Let's go ahead and verify some
information about a cluster,
so I'm gonna Cube City. I'll get notes if I won that.
I can see the two months that I have in my cluster,
and there are on that same command ball with cluster info, and it's giving me information about my cluster. So that looks good. It looks as if I'm connected successfully to my a ks cluster using keeps it here,
by the way I'm using keep sitio and keep cattle entertaining interchangeably.
So here's a visual representation off what I just eat. I just connected to my community's cluster using Cube Cottle, cocky of City Hall.
So the next thing that I'll be showing you is a deployment of the continent image from our azure continent registry toe a ks
on. There's a visual representation of what are between you now. Between this deployment, using something called a Cabinet is a manifest fell.
This exists locally on my machine. I'm connected my community's cluster using Kid Cotto.
I'll be providing the community's manifest file, which contains information about the container image to use, and we have to grab it from on. Are we providing that? Tow my community's cluster,
which would then go to my registry and grabbed a necessary image on deploys Eat on my walker notes within the cluster. Let's go ahead into this.
So here I am Amelia Knox machine. If I do a dream and I have my company, it is manifest foul
if I go ahead and open that foul.
So if I score down the beats on dhe just to look at some information contained in discovering it is manifest foul,
The main thing that I want to modify here is I want to modify the
location that is gonna be pulling the image from so very temple in the image from Dhaka. HAB. What I want to do is I wanted to pull the image directly from my private as your container registry on. I need to put a terrific stare off my continent registry log in 7 a.m.
I can get the log in seven name by going to my content registry going on the overview on I Have the lug in several days. Let's copy that.
Unless peace that there.
Andi, If I go ahead and save this community's manifest foul there now, go ahead and deploy the manifest foul.
And once I provide these, tow my community's cluster, it's going to grab the necessary him age and then is going to deploy the images as container pods within the cluster.
So it looked as if nothing happened because that was very quick. It's just saying it's created certain services.
Let's go ahead and verify what I can do this. I can use this commandment yet. Cube City. I'll get service
to watch for the service because the service we have described it needs to have a public i p address so I can reach it so I can monitor when all the necessary resources a prohibition, including the public I p address for quiet and run, that's
you can see that it's currently pending, so I'll just go ahead and post the recording and wait for this to complete. Once I have an extra high P, we can verify that we can get to this as your vote front and service
directly from the Internet. So as you can see here, I have my external I P addresses. Let's quiet and copy that
on, Deacon said. I can get to the service excellence or dis looking good. So the next thing that I'll be showing you is this killing off the pods in the chaos cluster. So the vory find the current deployments that I have. I can use dis command to verify that Cube City. I'll get deployment
on to verify the parts that are deployed. I can just keep City. I'll get pot. So let's go ahead and run butts. So let's copy that.
Let's go to our Lennox machine unless pissed at. So I can say I have two deployments the vote back end on the front end. So the front end is what I mainly concerned about.
So if I t o keep city, I'll get parts.
I can see that I have it pulled the plate for each of the services. So one for the front and one for the back in. So what I want to do is I want to scale this front end
Toby five parts instead of one.
To do that, I'll be using this command here. Keep city our skill replicas and I can specify the number off replicas that I want in this case. How, actually, skillets to four, not five,
and I was specified the name of the deployment that I want us kill. So let's quiet and copy that,
Andi, if I pay stats
So it said it's killed. So let verified by using our cube city will get parts on. You can see that it's currently creating more containers for the seven. So I have the front end and now have four instances off that.
So and in the final task, what I'll be showing you is out of skill. The key s cluster notes
on the visual representation of what I'll be showing you
will be using. I just see a lie. In this case, Toe had an extra working node
to my cabinet is cluster so that maybe something that I want to do if I'm getting resource allocation issues on Do tow the amount off walk loads that my close ties currently handling. Let's go ahead and see how to do that. So he had the command somebody needs to do so I can use keep city out gets notes to gets the current on both notes that I have
but in our needs to use the is that a ks kill command? Specify my research group name on my
It gets close the name on the number off note counts that I wants our copy that command
go to my Lennox machine. Let's clear the screen again on our years
que tu gets
notes. I can say I currently have two notes Letter on that command to make them tree and I'll take a little while to complete was gonna spin up on extra note for house. Once it's complete, head out. Go ahead and use the Cube City. I'll get not command of a fight, and now I have three notes
so that looks to have completed successfully. Now
let's clever screen and let's run the command again. And now you can see that I have to re notes in this cluster.
So that brings me to the hand off this demonstration. I hope you found it useful. Thanks very much for watching, and I'll see you in the next lesson.
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