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Module Introduction As we move to our next module within this CISSP course we examine Access Controls. As with the previous module on Cryptography, nicely ties in with the Access Control segments of the Cybrary Penetration and Ethical Hacking course, Cryptography course, and concepts explored in our Computer and Hacking Forensics prep course for the Computer Hacking and Forensics Investigator exam. Because there's a lot of material involved in Access Control, the Access Control chapter is broken up into 5 sections with several sub-parts to keep things clear and organized. So let's get started! Part 1.1 Access Control is in the top 5 as a testability category, and it's less technical than management oriented. Access Controls are all about what a subject can do with an object. So you'll learn the ins and outs of where and how that works, and we'll explore what that interrelationship entails from a security perspective. We'll conduct a thorough analysis on and have detailed discuss about the components that drive the Access Control environment including IAAA, Authentication, Authorization, Access Control Models and Administration.

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