9.4 IPv4-to-IPv6 Transition Mechanisms and Deployment Models

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certify Design Associate Modern I license 9.4. I'm your instructor. Wait.
In the previous video, we talked about I p v six magnetism and routing. From this video, we will begin to introduce TV for our TV. Six Transition Mechanisms on the Deployment Moto's
Here's a pre assessment question on organization is conducting on the evaluation on the recreation to the Achebe six. Within the Enterprise Network has requested the clarification. Recommended immigration strategies
were three Meg Oration models would accomplish the organization's Go choose three. A do stack
piece serves Block C Top down The happy great E Donald F for Lift will be deduced that serves Brock on Ahab arrayed. We'll discuss this later.
Here's the topic of Won't discuss
i p V for Tau V six to transition Magnus ums at the point mottoes during a transition time at both protocols can co exist in the never.
The three major transition mechanisms are Do stack. I peed before and I P V C's co exist tunneling like evey six a package are encapsulated into I P V four packets. Translation I P V six packets are translated Thio i p v four packets
TV six deploy models are also divided into three major cabarets. Do Stack model I Pee Before and I P V six coexist on hosts on the network had Bree motto Combination of the interest site. Automatic Tunneling Addressing Particle R S, A. T A P
or in manually configure Thanos and do Stacking mechanisms
Service's Block Amado combination of ice, a ta ke on the manually computer Thanos and do second mechanisms. Each model provides several advantages and the disadvantages all this Moto's The Do Stack Moto is recommended because it requires no tunneling on the easier to manage.
Let's explain that all those models started the Do Stack Motel in a deuce. Take Moto both device and never routers switches away on both ikey before, and I keep the six prodigal stack.
Ah, the applications on the device decide which Stackley used to communicate with the destination house out on anybody in *** is used to decide which stack to use. Adina has quite a our record return uses Ikey V six Deena's eh?
Our return uses a TV for because most immature operating systems now support I B B six.
This is the preferred a technique for transition toe I. P v six
The staff room. She was a do stack network up where both protocols to recite older at TV six. The sites, right
that have not Meg raided the do stack. Moto can communicate throughout the network with other I t V six devices on. Then let's move on to happily moto. The hyper Amato uses a combination of a translation mechanisms,
right? The transition magnus amuses are used are based on multiple networks. Create areas such as a number of the host A TV six capable hardware On the location of I P v six up
thirties. The hybrid Moto uses a combination of translation mechanisms.
You know, you stack the mechanism. I s a t a P, then manually configured up Thanos. The hybrid model can be used to total adduced at the hosts on the TV for access layer time I p v six court
right I was doing in this diagram. The do stack of computer establish in the I s 80 80 tunnel to the core layer to access service is from the do stack server on the right.
Another scenario is a
to tano do stack distribution layers over the ITV for on Lee Court. Right As you in this dagger do the do stack of computer on the left
Can access is adduced active server other right by the manual. You configure the tunnels, multiple tunnels are configured that provided re tendency and a little bonds
The service block mold
in the service of Lage Moto all centralized the layer That service is adduced actress devices As they created a way the tunnels manually configured to between the distribution layer and in the service book
do stack the hosts also connected by I s A T a P tunnels right in this diagram that do stack client on the left connects to the Serbs block to the established connective the with the Duce back server on the right.
This table summarizes the advantages and disadvantages off our TV six deployment models
on this table provides a simple description over the deployment model under the imagines it with its name
PVCs comparison with i p before
a summary comparison off i p v six to a TV for provided in a stable
right. The use of the 128 bits over 32 pits isn't obvious. Change The operator protocol is identified with the next The hider feud in I P V six, which was the protocol type feud using the I. P. V for Arthur is replaced by TV six Andy
Learning check question number one now the PT as on I v six sake be for translation mechanism. What is in that, Petey? A network. Addressable transparent poor translation and translates Network address to part B addresses seed Next addresses. Translation pork translation
He never got us Translation. Particle translation translates between I pee before and PB six addresses
L B d
Question number two which touring state rotting protocols. Air support I P v six rounds
a reap on next generation B O S p f c h r p d i s I s e a b g p four Plus, it'll be O S P f on I S R s that those are probable support I v v six and that they're also being state problem
in today's brief lecturer with disgust, a TV for it by previous extra station mechanisms on deployment. Amato's
any questions? Feel free to contact me otherwise our CEO in the next video
Bye for now
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