9.3 IPv6 Mechanism and Routing

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Video Transcription
Hello. Welcome back, Cisco Certified Design Associate Modern I Lesson 9.3. I'm your instructor. Wait.
In the previous video, we talked about I p v six addresses, scope types and address allocation. From this video, we will begin to introduce a TV six magnetism on a rotting.
Here's a pre assessment question
for the following protocols. Which one maps, names toe TV six addresses a neighbor Discovery on D B Denies version to see address resolution Protocal, AARP,
The domain name systems The Unless we Go in D
Here's the topic of what we discussed
i p v six Magnificence. The changes to the 128 beat address lamp and I PVCs, a hatter format modified the underlying protocols. Their support I ke here will cover ICMP v six, i, p v six and deep address resolution Address assignment
on ITV six Rotting particles.
These particles must now support 128. Big advice is, for example, D. N s. That's a new record locator for resolving fully qualified domain names of Q D M T O V six addresses.
Ikey V six also replaces armed with I P V six nd Protocol
I V. six. Andy uses icy MPV six i CME T needed some modifications to support TV six right RFC 24 63 describes the use of ICMP version six for I p v six networks.
All I P v six notes must implement ICMP version six Just performed that work layer functions.
I si m P v six performs diagnostics. Pain reports errors on it provides a reach of buddy the information although I p v for i CME to uses I keep Article one ikey. These six uses that next the hider number off 58
information messages There are I call Rick request Michael Reply some error messages air this destination Unreachable packet and too big
time Makes sedated prime attar problem The destination are reachable. Messages
also provided further details. No rob to destination Destination administratively prohibited Address Are unreachable Purple unreachable. Other I T. V six magnetism To use ICMP version six to determine neighbor availability path. Empty you
destination address or port Reach Ability. I p. V. Six. A neighbor Discovery Probable
Ikey v six does not implement an art that is used in a TV for instead, I t V six implements the neighbor Discovery and the protocol described in the R F. C 24 61 hosts to use indeed to implement a plug employees functions that discover all other nose in the same link.
Check for duplicate addresses on the final rodders in the link.
The product also certainties a phone out of native and rodders, eh? The primary fails
the I P V six and and de Particle performs the following functions. Stateless Address all the configuration. The host can determine its a fool i p v six Address. We bow to the use of the HCP
duplicate address detection. The holes that can determine whether the address it will use is already in use on a network prefix discovery. The host finds out the links I t v six prefix
privately their discovery the host to find out that the links I'm to you and hot comped address resolution the hosts
can determine the Mac. Address off other notes without the use of AARP rotter Discovery. The hosts find a local rodders without the use of the HCP. Next the hog determination. The host can determine the destinations. Next hop
neighbor, This rich ability detection the host that can determine whether a neighbor is no longer reachable. Redirect The host can tell I'm not a host of a preferred. The next. The hop existed to reach a particular destination.
I keep the six and the Uses I CME T V six to implement of some of the functions.
These icy MTV six messages are rather of advertisement Alright sent to buy rodders to advertise their presence on the link specific parameters. Rotter Solicitation RS Sent by Hosted to request are A from a local rodders
neighbor solicitation and that's sent by hosted to request link clear addresses off other hos
Also used for duplicate address detection.
Neighbor Advertisement on a scent by hosts in response to an Unless redirect send it to a host of notify all the better. Next to hop to a destination. The Link address of resolution process uses unasked messages toe often a neighbor's Linklater address.
No, they respond with in a message. They contains the Lingle. Your address
visits name, resolution name Resolution for I V six Address can be static or dynamic, just as a way that TV for static and names toe keep be. Six addresses can be manually configured in the host configuration file that I make a name. A resolution relies on the domain name system D and S
ITV for uses a record to provide half Cody unnamed toe TV for address resolution
D. N s adds restores record are to support name tau v six address resolution.
RFC 35 96 described the addition off a new D. N s resource record type to support transition to be six. Name resolution.
The new record type. Is it quite a given a domain name? The Quad A record returns to that TV six address to the requesting host RFC 2080 74 Specifies another D. N s record for I P B six defines that a six resource record
The A six's record provides additional features, and it was intended as a replacement for Di Ponte, a R.
But RFC 33 63 has changed. The standards of a six are two predicated, right?
Currently, the same limitations need to be able to support A for ikey before on 1/4 A resource records with the Type A having the highest priority and acquired a the noise
for the hose that I support. Do Stack. I p v for and i p b six all the application that decides which is Dr Use on accordingly, requests and quality or a record as showing in this diagram, the kind of eyes request the quite a record
off the destination. AKI v six server Right.
The DEA has several returns of our key Be six address. Know that this is the same d n a server that support psyche before address. No saptari that denies the servers are needed for I. P v six and Networks
I. P. V. Six Address assignment Strategies.
Simon Thio I. P. V six Addresses to the host can be statically or dynamically configure the free methods. The Asai Activity six are manual configurations, stateless address all configuration as a C stay full configuration and T H C P V six mode.
So let's start with the manual configuration. As with the I p B for it, devices such as rotter Sweet Days and the servers and the firewalls are all should be configured with that their I P v six address in manually as our a a sea of the link. Local address that that I make a configuration of a link Loco. ITV six addresses a stateless auto configuration method
without the age of CP as how a sea of the global unique I P. V six address RST for a 60 to describe Psyche v six. A stateless address on a configuration
with the auto configuration of a globally unique key addresses I. T. V six house can use as L. A a C without a T h c p l cookware. Their own Nike address information. This is, ah, dialling on the per interface basis
as joining this diagram right after a host as a auto configure link. Local address.
It listens for Roger on the Ra Testament are a message is this? Router messages contain the prefix address to be used for the network. The TV six addresses their ornament from the prefix plus the interviews I d. Derived from the Mac address. Dear just T T v six
As the updated version of what the HCP that provides a dynamic i p address assignment for I V six hosts
the edge of CPV six. As it this grabbed Elena RFC 3315 they provide to the same function as the HDP me for
I t V six Security TV six As to integrated magnetism to provide a security for communications natively support Ikey say extension Hatters carry the icky *** age and, yes, beheaders.
This table summarizes I t v six. The schemes
things table summarizes. I be seeks mechanisms.
Okay, let's talk about the rip and next generation. All right. C 2080 describes the changes to rip their support. I p v six networks called a rip Next generation read mechanisms to remain the same rate. Next generation still has ar 15 Huck Limit
counting to infinity and split horizon with the poison divers
instead of a user data. Gramma Protocol UDP Port 5 20 for a rip person to reap. Next Generation uses UDP Port 5 21 Reaped. Next Generation supports a TV six addresses and prefixes.
Cisco has developed the yet RP support for TV six networks to rock TV. Six prophecies E a darkie for I P V six is configured and the manager is separated from the HRT for i p v six. No never statements are used. E ej Archie for i P v six retains all the characteristics
on the network of Discover a Do models
right The functions of the HR Kiefer Ikey before e J R P uses the multi cost the Group zero to double column a four year jerky updates
RFC 53 40 describes the SPF of the three to support at P V six networks, West PF Algorithms and mechanisms flooding decided T rotter d our election areas Shorty's path first as PF calculations remain, the same
changes are made for West PF The support I PVC exact dress
edges hierarchy and ikey v six of our transport. Cisco IOS software currently supports us p f b 30 SPF of the three uses Mountain Cast Group after zero to double comma five for all all SPF rodders on a double comma six for all the arts
specifications for rotting like TV six way they integrated I s I s Is that this traveling RFC 53 08 rotting i a t v six with r E s I s the draft of specifies new type allowed on the valuable TRV objects
Reach ability T Arby's on the interface address TRV
thio forward I p v six information in the network IOS is boards I s arias for I p B six as per 1,000,000 described it in that drops the standard
RFC 25 45 Spicy fights of the use of a GP GP Attributes for passing along like evey six around Information on P B G P A is also referred to as BDP four plus
the MP underscore, Reach, underscore and our eye. It included the next the hop addresses on a list of a network layer or reach ability. Information on Now our I
prefixes of a reachable networks, the M Key underscore I reach underscoring our eye. Multi protocal, Unreachable attributes convenes unreachable networks IOS currently support to this BTP for a mounting political attributes to communicate, reach ability. Information for I p v six Networks
learning tak question number one What is that benefit of I. P V six over ITV For, I guess is a shorter addresses. Be automatic. Summarize Asian C hierarchical global addresses space. The faster I GT Convergence, it'll be a hierarchical global address space. See
quest number two way. The respected to keep the six address ng from a design perspective, which off this steam, it's as important to keep in mind a TV six at dressing provides comfort convenience off any cost at dressing without any configuration requirements. B A T v six dozen are using motor cost at dressing
see on TV. Six Rotter will now, though, for work packets from one Lincoln. The other links
if the pack it as either a *** local source or a link local destination address.
The dynamic address assignment requires theater CPV. Six. The answer will be C
in today's brief. The lecturer We discussed the ITV six and mechanisms on rotting
any questions. Feel free to contact me. Otherwise I'll see you in the next video bye for now.
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